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Vitiligo Examine Items

vitiligo inspeciton itemsVitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease, the induce factors are all kinds of skin damage problem cause the melanophore function disappeared cause the white patches in our skin. After many years experience of clinical disease, we developed a variety of inspection tools for vitiligo. So what are the vitiligo clinical examination project? In this article, I’d like to make a introduction about this.

The inspection items of vitiligo:

1. Wood lamp inspection:

It’s also called the Wu lamp or filter ultraviolet lamp, it is a kind of 320-400nm ultraviolet a ray won through the filter containing nickel hydride. As a auxiliary dermatology clinical application of detection means, range is wide. It can detecting pigment abnormal disease, it often used as a vitiligo auxiliary diagnosis and curative effect judgment. Under the wood light, melanin absorbs all band ultraviolet light, if melanin reduced the refraction is strong, show a light color, if the melanin increased the refraction is weak, show a dark color.

2. Pathological examination of the skin:

That is drill a small piece of vitiligo skin with trephine, through special staining under a microscope to observe the microscopic structure changes in the pathological changes. The organizational change of vitiligo is corresponded with the melanin cell damage. In earlier periods of inflammation you can observe vitiligo uplift edges of the skin edema and sponge form, and the lymph cell and tissue cells in the dermis moist. The main changes of formed vitiligo damage is the melanin decreased or disappeared. You can see the reactive cutin regenerated after the skin irradiated by the ultraviolet ray. The early leather surface also can see the pigmentophage. The melanin bodies in the melanin cells of lesions edge pigmentation of skin increased. Under the electron microscope, you can see the nerve end degenerative change in the skin lesions. Besides, currently found in clinic, there are immune disorder, metabolic block, micro circulation disturbance.

3. Filter ultraviolet check wood lamp:

It have the same effect as the based wood lamp, it can observe more accurately.


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