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The factors of the Onset of Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is the common skin disease with relatively higher morbidity, there are many factors will induce vitiligo, but the most common factor is our daily negative habits. Timely and precise is very important in the treatment of vitiligo or will cause more serious damage. This need us to known more about the pathogens of vitiligo, in this article, I’d like to introduce the factors of the onset of vitiligo.

Why over exposure to the sunlight will cause the onset of vitiligo.  Over exposure to the sunlight will make the melanin pigment in the state of hyperactive state, the tyrosine transferred into the middle intermediate substances or the middle intermediate, it will cause the generate of melanin pigment.

Which job is easy to get vitiligo

Generally speaking, the occurrence of vitiligo have no direct causal relationship with what job you occupied, but according to statistics, the hydrogen peroxide, liquid chlorine, artificial perfume and other materials that can cause the lose of pigment and activate the vitiligo, so if you contact with strong oxidazing substances you must pay attention to the skin protect.

I n general occasions, the morbidity of summer is higher than winter, many people come back from tourism will have vitiligo, so you should pay special attention to your skin in the summer. Such as prevent over exposure to the sunlight, decrease the morbidity rate.

External injury can induce vitiligo

External injury is one of the factors induce vitiligo, the external injury can cause part of our skin have the high stress state cause the nerve fiber damaged. It easy to influence the generate of melanin pigment and finally induce vitiligo.

The main reason induce vitiligo

The pathogens of vitiligo.

1. The endocrine and immune function disorder. Some pathogenic factors like chemical and heavy metal poisoning materials induce our body immune system disorder, the unbalanced of endocrine function, produce the melanin cells antibodies, cause the damage of melanin cells formed vicious circulation further worsen the disease.

2. Industrial and agricultural pollution.

The industrial production discharge untreated waste water, waste water and quickly increased motor vehicles discharged a large amount of end gas contains much poisoning materials such as sulfur dioxide, strong acid, strong base, lead, arsenic, quicksilver, benzene and other chemical or heavy metal poisoning materials, there are many fluorine kind of refrigerant seriously damaged the ozone sphere in the atmosphere lead to a large amount of ultraviolet ray irradiate to the ground and cause damage to our body.

3. Nervous and mental factor. The modern life space make part of people have too much mental burden, the business man will anxious when their business is bad; the worker worry about lose their job and anxious; the government administration staff will over anxious for the human relationship and promote their job.

4. The lack of micro elements. The trace elements is the activity substances involved in the metabolism in the middle link such as copper, zinc, selenium, iodine and so on, they directly join in the synthesis of melanin cells.


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