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Chinese Medicine to Treat Vitiligo

chinese medicine to treat vitiligoThe lesion site of vitiligo is in the epidermal skin, distribute on our skin, the single area of vitiligo usually very small, the orally take medicine hard to reach to the lesion, take longer treatment course, the use the Chinese medicine to external treat vitiligo is easy to operate, with stable treatment effect, the Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo have great development in recently years. The Chinese patent medicine without side effect, with obvious effect, the main prescriptions are tinctures, infusions, powder, plaster and so on.

The main effects of vitiligo is dispel wind and dry dampness, nurturing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis these principles; the Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo have several features in the below:

1. The external medicine have the mainly features of pungent-warm feature, supplemented with sweet, bitter and flat features. The pungent-warm have the effects of diverging, promoting the circulation of Qi and invigorating the circulation of blood; the bitter have the effects of purge heat, eliminating dampness, consolidate yin, the sweet flavor have the effects of tonify the deficiency, relieve the emergency, regulate herbal property. These indicates that most of the Chinese medicine mainly dispel evil from outside, supply with strengthen the body resistance, relieving both primary and secondary symptoms, this inflect the Chinese medicine concept of treating disease as a whole.

2. Mostly use tinctures, sometimes before wipe the medicine will use ginger juice and other things to wipe in the skin lesion. These skin stimulating medicines have the effects of sterilize and bateriostat. It can stimulate the dermohemia.

According to the modern pharmacological research, many Chinese medicine have the effect of treat vitiligo.

It can increase the effect of ultraviolet ray to our skin, increase the melanin pigment density in our cells, reduce the melanin pigment, through skin inflammatory effect. Increase the tyrosinase activity.


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