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Vitiligo:Prevent and Treat

how to prevent vitiligoSome people think to have vitiligo is a accidental thing, there are no way to prevent it occurrence in our daily life, some people think it is a kind of mechanism of lesions, no other measure to prevent vitiligo. They have that kind of thoughts because they lack of enough knowledge about vitiligo. In fact this is a kind of disease we can prevent. Keep good habits in our daily life can largely decreased the morbidity of vitiligo.

First, pay attention to dietetic hygiene.

Nowadays there are many kinds of snacks in the market, different snacks with different flavor offer more choice for the people who love eating snacks but at same time there are many contaminated and unhealthy foods flow into the market. This kind of food can produce potential hazard to our health, if you eat to much might have certain influence to our organs that might induce vitiligo. So when you buy the snacks from the market you must make sure the safety of the food you eat, do not eat contaminated food.

Second, you should have reasonable diet do not partial eclipse.

Many people have the habit of partial eclipse. If they do not like to eat one or two kind of vegetables or meats that is understandable but if they do not willing to eat many kinds of dishes is unacceptable. If they only interested in certain kinds of foods and can not accept any other foods, this kind of partial eclipse can cause the nutritional unbalanced in our body, there are some foods nutrition content is too high some are too low these all the important reason to cause the nutrition unbalanced in our body and easy to cause endocrine disorder finally induce vitiligo. So the reasonable diet is very important.

Third, pay attention to the protection when you are going out.

In recently years every cities have problem of serous environmental pollution. The increase of PM 2.5 have certain harm for our body. So when you are going out, pay attention to take some protective measures. When the air is not fresh and have many harmful substances, you must wear face mask avoid inhale toxic gases and fine particles. If you have morning exercise habit, you must find a place full of fresh air to do this.

Fourth, adjust your mood.

No matter young people or middle age people have certain mental stress problems. For the life and work pressure, young people easy depressed, that might cause the endocrine or metabolism disorder, these is the important factors cause vitiligo. So we should known how to adjust our mood, try to make yourself keep a good mood for a long time, it is very important to prevent vitiligo.

Five, develop good sleep habits.

Stay up late is the important negative life style shared by many people. After finished there work, they used watching video, playing games. They used to sleep every night after 11 pm, even after 12 pm. The insufficient of sleep can cause the organs function disordered in our body, that also can induce vitiligo.

If you want to prevent vitiligo, you must pay attention to develop healthy life habits.


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