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Acupuncture can treat vitiligo

acupuncture can treat vitiligoThe Chinese medicine extensive and profound is known to all over the world, in this article, I’d like to introduce the acupuncture to you, do you think acupuncture can treat vitiligo?

According to the experiment of long term clinical practice, the acupuncture have the regulating effect to our body.

The acupuncture regulating effects include it’s regulating effect to our blood, blood vessels, organs, tissues and cells. Generally speaking, all kinds of internal and external stimulation can cause some abnormal in the blood compositions, circulation, hemorheology in vitiligo patients. and all these changes can be regulated through acupuncture treatment and make it tend to physiological balance finally recovered. As to organs, tissues and cells regulation it play a very important role in the prevent and treat of some diseases with unclear pathogenesis such as vitiligo, psoriasis and so on.

Acupuncture have inhibit effect to some hyper function and excited spasm organs, tissues, cells while have excite and nurture effect to some weak, inhibit, slow organs, tissues and cells. Through excite and inhibit two way regulation can make the pathological changes of the disease tend to normal and finally reach the objection of prevent and treat disease. This two way regulation effect might related to the acupuncture regulation effect to the hypothalamus, hypophysis, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, sexual gland, target organ, target cell, target molecule and neurohumor.

Preventive effect: acupuncture infect the prevention function from different aspects, the acupuncture and can increase the activity of the reticuloendothelial system (RES) function, can enhance both specific immunity and non specific immunity in our body. Acupuncture have the obvious anti inflammatory effect, have good influence to the 3 pathological processes of the inflammatory. Use the acupuncture to treat vitiligo, the pathogen can be wiped out, the symptoms can be improved. In addition to the acupuncture have obvious effect to our temperature, it can change the fever state to normal state.

Other effects: acupuncture have the effect of excite many receptors, stop pain and stop itches, that might related to the nerve, neurotransmitter, endocrine, humor, cardiovascular function state.

So through the acupuncture treatment effects I mentioned above we can known that acupuncture can treat many chronic disease such as vitiligo.


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