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Ayurvedic treatments to treat vitiligo

Ayurvedic treatmentsDo you heard about Ayurvedic treatment before? In this article, I’d like to briefly introduce the Ayurvedic treatment to treat vitiligo.

India medical system include Ayurveda (also called life of Ayurveda) medical science and Siddha medical science. It is considered to be the oldest medical system in the world. More than 5000 years, it was used in numerous of traditional family in india. It’s influence affected almost all the medical systems in both hemispheres, so the Ayurveda in india also called the mother of health. From the early documents we can see the Ayurveda doctor have prophet judgment about the strong medical characteristics about plants, it also can called the earliest founder of the modern pharmacology. They also have very good knowledge about our inner body, even there are some evidences shown that the Ayurveda doctor did the surgery on human body. In addition to that, this system emphasize the importance of dietary and spirituality, you also can see the shadow of Ayurveda in traditional Chinese medicine and the medical methods of the father of modern medicine.

But vitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease. The single treatment is hard to have good effect or to cure vitiligo, always need to combine the modernized treatment means to treat vitiligo. In specialized vitiligo hospital, vitiligo patients first need to known about our whole body situations such as immunity, trace elements, metabolism, endocrine and so on with the help of blood test. In addition to the external ointment, traditional Chinese therapy, orally take medicine also need to combine phototherapy, laser and other large scale medical instruments to systematically treat vitiligo, the inside and outside combination therapy to treat vitiligo achieved satisfied treatment effects.

All kinds of vitiligo treatments we still use today have it own special characters, but if every disease can find out corresponding drug maybe there is no need to see the doctor after we have disease. So doctor often play a more important role than medicine in treating the disease, because the doctor can masterly combine different treatments together and achieve the good effects even beyond your expectation, do you think so? So if you have vitiligo, you’d better go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to treat your disease, maybe there are surprise waiting for you.


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