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Homeotherapy can cure vitiligo?

homeotherapy can cure vitiligo

Many people wants to know wether Homeotherapy can treat vitiligo, in this article, I'd like to introduce the Homeotherapy to you.

Homeotherapy is way try to take advantage of medicine to activate our body’s immunity to recover internal balance of our body to cure vitiligo and make the people naturally pull through. Theoretically speaking the homeotherapy is safe, have quick effect, but presently in the medical field there are no enough evidence to prove the effect of hemeotherapy is better than dummy. It’s theoretically basis have not been widely recognized at present.

Homeotherapy is a kind of treatment different from traditional medication therapy also called symptomatic therapy. It’s apply to the body’s natural preventive system, use very few natural substances to improve body’s defensive ability to activate body’s own healing ability rather than to suppress symptom. It’s theoretically basis is use the same preparation to treat the same kind disease, it means to treat one kind of disease like vitiligo, we need to use the medication can produce the same symptom in the normal people such as the normal people after take a little loxa bark used to treat malaria will have the same malaria symptoms such as have a fever to mobilize the body's immune response on malaria symptoms such as fever to heal the disease.

Homeotherapy is also a way to treat vitiligo use the same princleple of as it to treat other diseases.


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