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Sunbath to Treat Vitiligo

sunbath to treat vitiligoDose sunbath can treat vitiligo? I think many vitiligo patients concerned about this question. In this article, I’d like to introduce sunbath therapy to you for your reference, I wish after I explain it to you, you will have a better understanding of sunbath to treat vitiligo.

We take a sunbath can promote metabolism of our skin, increase our resistance to the disease, make us more healthy, the ultraviolet in sunlight irradiate into our body can make the melanophore size in our skin extend, increase the tyrosinase activity, increase the content of melanin pigment in our skin, the directly irradiate of the sunlight to our skin can produce biochemical reaction can increase the melanophore function, promote the synthesis of melanin pigment, the whole body sunbath is more suitable for the generalized vitiligo patients. Take a sunbath in the summer or winter, make sure shorten the time exposure to the sunlight and decrease the sunbath times, prevent the skin inflammation worsen the disease caused by strong sunlight irradiation. In winter and spring can properly add the times of sunbath to enhance the treatment effect, but you should prevent to have a cold.

No matter which treatment you choose, vitiligo patients should insist treatment, after cured should receive a period of consolidation treatment is helpful to prevent the vitiligo relapse. In the progressive stage of vitiligo, the patients should careful use stimulating medicines, avoid hurting your skin, avoid mechanical friction, their clothes should loose and and suitable for their figure. Vitiligo patients also should combine work and rest, keep a good mood, positively cooperate with your doctor’s treatments. For those get vitiligo because of mental problems, they should receive psychological counseling.

Vitiligo patients also need try to avoid eating too much foods contain vitamin C, because vitamin C is a reducing agent, it can interrupt the synthesis of melanin on the one hand. On the other hand vitamin C can decrease the intestinal tract absorb copper ion and the copper oxidase activity in the blood serum, the vitiligo patients should eat more beans and bean products in their daily life. They also should enhance outdoor exercise to properly expose them to the sunlight.


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