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How to prevent vitiligo

HOW TO PREVENT VITILIGOThe onset of vitiligo is closely related to some unhealthy habits in the daily life, many vitiligo patients have vitiligo because the unhealthy life habits. If you want to prevent vitiligo, you must do a good job in your daily care, the healthy life style can effectively prevent vitiligo. In this article, I will explain some measures to prevent vitiligo, I wish after you finished this article, you can understand how to prevent the vitiligo.

1. Enhance physical training

Often do some sports, maintaining a healthy physique can promote your whole body blood circulation, improve your immune system and prevent the vitiligo.

2. Avoid to take medicine contain vitamin C or eat food rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is the reducing agent, it can interrupt the synthesis of melanin, the foods rich in vitamin C like citrus, strawberry, hawthorn, pineapple, orange, fruit juice, lemon, kiwi fruit, plum, apricot, preserved plum, sour apple, sour grape, tomato and so on. Correct the partial eclipse, avoid wines and abstain cigarettes, cultivate a good dietary habit, in the daily life you should have a reasonable diet and keep balanced nutrition, pay attention to diet and nutrition, make scientific dietary recipes and cultivate good diet habit have great preventive and treatment effect to vitiligo.

3. Avoid directly contact with chemical substances

Phenol, kinone and other chemical substances, these substances can inhibit tyrosinase activity and directly make the loss of the melanin. Generally in the cosmetics, antiseptics and rubber products, those product you should carefully used. There are aniline category matter in hair dye you should avoid to use it. Known how to prevent vitiligo you need to avoid directly contact with these kind of chemical products.

4. Prevent external injuries

Some external injuries such as trauma, sunburn, frostbite and so on, vitiligo patients suffered from external injuries easy form isomorphic reaction can induce the onset of vitiligo. Try to wear loose clothes to avoid obstruct blood circulation. The chemical and blended fabric materials and woolen materials should not be close fitting wearing to avoid skin sensitivity effect.

5. Prevent environmental pollution

We should know how to prevent vitiligo and also need to avoid environmental pollution, you should take some measures to prevent vitiligo such as choose green foods like pollution free insects free, you need to pay attention to get rid of the pesticide residue when you clean the vegetables, fruits and so on is very necessary.

6. Keep good mental state

Positive mental state can excite sympathetic nerve, make you rosy and glowing. The negative emotion will make people wan-looking, pull a long face, long term will make you depression can finally cause vitiligo, so we need to keep a good mental state and learn to adjust your negative emotion. So that you can prevent vitiligo effectively.

Keep good life style can not only help you to prevent vitiligo but also can be a add therapy to treat vitiligo.


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