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Can Fructus Psoraleae Treat Vitiligo

Can Fructus Psoraleae Treat Vitiligo,Vitiligo It is very common of skin disease, and vitiligo is a color loss and the symptoms show on skin. Normally, vitiligo is not itching or pain, but it will cause great influences on the appearance of patients.

8-methoxypsoralen,8-MOP is a clinic medicine to treat psoriasis and vitiligo. The vitiligo external treatment mechanism may relate to the influence of tyrosinase activity, activation of tyrosinase to promote melanin synthesis, pigment hyperplasia, movement, which can also trough stimulate malpighian cell to produce some inflammation factors that can be malanocyte stimulating elements to increase the melanocyte function. It is a common vitiligo medication and stimulates monophenyl oxidase activity, promote the formation of melanin, curb epidermal cells DNA combination, cell division and epidermal turnover. Fructus psoraleae can be used to treat vitiligo, psoriasis, auspitz's dermatosis, which can combine with UVB. But some of the vitiligo patients with stubborn condition, and many patients even used those medications without obvious effects, and it need accompany with other types of medicine. If your vitiligo is also stubborn, you can also consult online doctor, and we can help you.

The early diagnosis and early treatments are necessary. The symptoms are easy to remove, but the causes are hard to remove. So we should control the spreading of vitiligo firstly, then to apply treatments of repigmentation, and finally we should also do steps to prevent the relapse.

The early stage of vitiligo usually have the creams and some tablets to remove the white spots, the effects are to adjust immune system and anti-inflammation. The effects are fast or no effects for some patients. The patients condition and causes are various, although the symptoms are same with white patches on skin. There are also many stages and types of vitiligo, so we should treat based on the different stage, type, personal condition to treat, the effects will show a fast effect.

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