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How to Prevent and Treat Vitiligo

vitiligo prevent and treatmentThe vitiligo incidence continuously increasing at present, people’s preventive consciousness gradually strengthen. The environment pollution is very serious at present, many vitiligo patients have this disease caused by environmental pollution, if you want to keep away from vitiligo, you need to live in a good environment, how we can do the vitiligo prevent job better?

There are several points you need to do to prevent vitiligo.

1. Avoid directly contact with phenolic chemicals

To prevent vitiligo spreading we need to pay attention to avoid directly contact with phenolic chemicals, our skin long term directly contact with harmful chemical substances easily trigger vitiligo, so if you have no choice but to contact with harmful chemical substances you must take some preventive measures. Especially the patients with vitiligo on their face, do not use whitening type cosmetics.

2. Avoid over exposure to the sunlight

Do you have that experience, after over exposure to the sunlight, your vitiligo have the symptoms of spreading? That because over exposure to the sunlight easily cause skin inflammation cause the melanin pigment damaged and lead to the depigmentaed white patches.

3. Prevent the environmental pollution

We not only need to know how to prevent the vitiligo, but we also need to avoid the environmental pollution. The measures to prevent the vitiligo included choose the green food that is pollution free and insect free food, it is also very necessary to scientifically get rid of the residual pesticide in the grain, vegetables and fruits.

4. Do not use stimulating makeups and external medicines

5.dietetic regulation

Eat with meat and vegetables properly, eat more milk, egg, liver, vegetables, beans, but garlic, too sour, too spicy, mutton, shrimp, crab and other stimulating food should try to avoided. Eat less or avoid food contains vitamin C such as the fruits like tomato, sour dates, kiwi fruits, persimmon and so on, the vitiligo patients also need to avoid all kinds of wines. If you have vitiligo, you must keep in mind what you can eat and what should avoided, you can not eat according to your own favorite.

6. Enhance exercise to build a strong body

There are many vitiligo patients proved with the facts that insist on exercise everyday can not only effectively prevent the vitiligo spread and can help vitiligo patient’s treatment and recovery at certain degree. Vitiligo patients can choose movement type, such as jogging, take exercises, what you need to pay attention to is whether you can sustain it.

Often do some exercises activities can keep healthy body constitution, promote the blood circulation, improve your immunity and prevent the vitiligo.

7. Avoid smoking and drinking

Avoid continuously harm to body immunity function and produce damaged stimuli to our skin.

8. Avoid use vitamin C or foods contains vitamin C

Vitamin C can make the loss of pigment in our skin, the foods rich in vitamin C can loss the pigment of the skin, you should try to avoid these foods such as citrus, strawberries, hawthorns, pineapples, oranges, fruit juice, lemon, kiwi fruits, plums, apricots, preserved plums, sour apples, sour raisins, tomatoes and so on.  10 pay attention to your wearings

Vitiligo patients need to wear loose clothes to avoid obstruct blood circulation in your skin. Chemical and blended fabric and woolen products should not be close fitting wearing to avoid the allergic reaction of our skin.

9. Avoid external injuries

The external injuries included trauma, sunburn, frostbite, vitiligo patients suffered from external injuries easily have isomorphic reactions and trigger vitiligo.

Warm prompt: in daily life, all kinds of details that may trigger vitiligo should be avoided. Moreover, a good health can increase our abilities to prevent disease and prevent the vitiligo onset.


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