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Is There a Medicine to Cure Vitiligo

there are medicine can treat vitiligoIf there are medicines can cure vitiligo? I think this question well concerned by many vitiligo patients, in this article I’d like to introduce a medicine have good effect to treat vitiligo. I’d like to briefly introduce the effects of Qubaibabuqi tablet.

What medicine to treat vitiligo have best effect? Vitiligo is common postal limited or generalized skin pigment apoptosis or decreased skin disease. Caused by the skin melanin pigment cells function disappeared, but the mechanism is still uncleared. The vitiligo can appeared in every part of the body, always appear in the fingers, wrists, forearms, face, neck, around genital and so on. Female genital also can cause vitiligo, young women is the majority. The medicine to treat vitiligo have best effect?

There are no obvious gender different, vitiligo can happen at any age especially in the teenager. The skin lesion is the melanin pigment apoptosis patches, always is the milky white also can be shallow pink, the surface is smooth and have no rash. The white patches boundary is clear, the melanin pigment in the edge is increased compared with the normal skin, the hair in the vitiligo can be normal or turn white. The vitiligo most happened in the area exposed to sunlight or friction area, the skin lesion always distribute systematically. The vitiligo is also can distribute along the nerve segments in the shape of belt. Except the skin lesion, the mouth, the labia, glans penis and the medial mucosa wrapping also involved.

Medicine treatment

The main component of Qubaibabuqi tablet is abstract from the pure natural precious traditional Chinese medicine, have certain effect to treat vitiligo, this medicine have could promote the synthesis of the melanin pigment, is have good effect to treat vitiligo, with high efficiency, without side effect, safe, so what effects it have to treat vitiligo?

Qubaibuqi tablet effective components included fructus psoraleae, caltrop, Vernonia anthelmintica, American ginseng and other precious traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo, promoting blood circulation and remove the meridian obstruction, activate tyrosine enzyme activity and so on, the Qubaibuqi tablet can treat instantly changing skin symptoms, dredge pores, activate epidermal skin cells activity, promote the melanin pigment cells in the epidermal skin regenerate ability. The Qubaibabuqi tablet nutrients components can repair the damaged skin, effectively activate the tyrosine melanin pigment cells activity and promote the melanin pigment regenerate.

Qubaibuqi tablet can recombine the damaged skin, repair the damaged melanin pigment cells, restore the body’s normal metabolism. Promote the micro circulation, restore the normal nutrients supply. This medicine can promote the division mechanism disorder symptoms in the epidermal skin improved in short time and make the vitiligo color restored and the vitiligo not repeated after it cured. Qubaibuqi tablet is the safe and effective medicine to treat vitiligo. This medicine is the pure Chinese herbal preparation, high safety, without obvious side effects after years of clinical application. Qubaibabuqi tablet is pure herbal preparation,with high safety, avoid side effect of drug, have no negative reaction, damage the internal organs and other disadvantages. So it is safe for the patients to take.

(1) Psoralen and it’s ramification such as orally take methoxsalen and then irradiate with the ultraviolet ray.

(2) Large dosage vitamin such as vitamin B, vitamin P long time use.  (3) use the medicine contain copper to treat. Such as 5% copper sulfate oral solution.

(4) Immunity adjust agency,Levamisole oral, Freeze-dried BCG vaccine (BCG) intramuscular injection,Oral bovine placenta and so on.

(5) Skin irritant topical smear make the skin have inflammatory response, promote the melanin pigment regenerate, the often used medicines are 30% scurfpea fruit tincture, Nitrogen mustard alcohol, Phenol (pure carbolic acid), 25% ~ 50% trichloroacetic acid, betel tincture and so on. This way only applied to small scale skin lesion, smear in the skin lesion can appear bleb.

(6) All kinds of corticosteroid hormones such as beclomethasone, Halogen betamethasone cream, to pine urea ointment and other topical packet treatment.

But the vitiligo disease is appear in the skin but it root in the internal organs, it caused by the melanin pigment production environments such as endocrine, immunity, qi and blood was destroyed cause the melanin pigment apoptosis or decreased. In this article.


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