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Localized Vitiligo Treatments

localized vitiligo trreatmentMany vitiligo patients feel self-abased and fear suffer from other’ s discrimination in their heart for the vitiligo will appear on their skin one patches after another and heavily damaged their appearance. So the vitiligo treatments are well concerned by vitiligo patients, so in the follow part, I’d like to introduce these treatments to you.

(1) Skin irritant localized inunction, make the skin inflammation, prompted the hyperplasia of pigment, the often used medicines includes 30% scurfpea fruit tincture, Nitrogen mustard (hydrochloric acid alcohol nitrogen mustard 5 ml and 95% alcohol 10 ml), Phenol (pure carbolic acid), 25% ~ 50% trichloroacetic acid, Cantharides tincture and so on. This medicine only apply to small scale skin lesion, after inuncted in that area with appear bleb.

(2) Corticosteroid hormone such as corticosteroid hormone such as 1% to inflammation pine mixed suspension inject into the lesion part, 0.2% betamethasone add 40% dimethyl sulfoxide exterior coating.

(3) Compound pyrobitumen gallic acid tincture: (Tar gallic acid is 5.0, glecerol is 1.0%, alcohol is 75%) or use 10000/20000 mustard gas ointment for external use only.

(4) The bacteriostatic liquid skin bright have the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels, nourish the skin hair, promote the melanin pigment synthesis function. Use the right amount of the skin cool antibacterial liquid into the clean container, use the absorbent cotton swab dipped in use and smear around the lesion, 3-6 times everyday with obvious effect, outside applies.

(5) Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) monk powder yellow 6 g, sulfur 6 g, realgar 6 g, orpiment 1.5 g,Musk bletilla 9 g, 0.9 g, 6 g, cinnabar giant typhonium rhizome 15 g and 0.9 g borneol, pulverized into powder, mixed with black vinegar to smear in the skin. I wish the localized vitiligo treatments I write can help the vitiligo patients. I’d like to remind the patients must insist and keep a good mood in the treatment and do not avoid to see the doctor because your fear your disease known by others, the positive treatment is the root to solve the problems.


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