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Vitiligo Breakthrough in 2016

According to the WHO clinical data indicates that the vitiligo relapse rate has reached to more than 97%, many vitiligo patient’s disease will relapse after 1-6 months clinical treatment and the disease is much serious than before, this phenomenon become the challenge for the vitiligo medical experts from all over the world.

To get rid of this phenomenon that vitiligo is can not be cured and have high relapse incidence rate, Beijing Casu Vitiligo hospital cooperate with international counterparts and research center to build scientific research expert group. The experts found in the clinical experiment that what caused vitiligo relapsed frequently and hard to cure is because the traditional treatment is only treat the lesion area but do not find the root that cause the disease, but vitiligo is a disease appear in the skin but the root is in the main and collateral channels, the vitiligo occurrence most essential cause is that the melanin transfer main and collateral channels blocked, when the local melanin circulation blocked, the deep hair follicle cells can not supply by the melanin body, the result is the skin pigment color become light and depigmentated will cause the hair become white. In fact, the essential cause of vitiligo boiled done is the react between cells and it living environments changed, if you can not change the environmental change caused by the main and collateral channels transfer blockage, no matter the single skin grafting or melanin planting, the final result is that the vitiligo will repeated again.

The experts vividly explain to our reports that the idea of the reaction between cells and it’s living environments in fact share the same principle that is if you rash for quick result, against the objective law of things development only will cause the bad result. The main and collateral channels to transfer the melanin body is just like a rive, if the river was blocked, the crops on the both side of downstream will dry up and die no matter how generally it fertilized. If we dredged the body main and collateral channels, the vitiligo treatment will no longer become a crux.

It is reported that the theory of cells and it living environment effect after announced in the world vitiligo cutting-edge technology peak forum, it won the general consent of vitiligo experts from all over the world, they think this principle is the strongest voice to explain why the vitiligo endure long time treatment and always repeated problems.

Besides this treatment, our hospital also create the systematically treatment named UM-D treatment, that is combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and import large scale medical devices. The traditional Chinese medicine including external and internal Chinese patent medicine, medicated bath, acupuncture and moxibustion and other treatments. The medicated bath is good for your skin pores open that is very helpful for the medicine you take absorption and the skin absorb medicine effect is much better than orally absorb medicine, because your gastric area may not strong enough to digest some medicine and if you orally take the medicine it will bring you some side effects more or less, if you absorb medicine through skin, you do not need to worry about the side effects it brings. the orally take medicine is extract from pure plant herbs, have few side effects.


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