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Herbs and Vitamins for Vitiligo

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Vitiligo is a kind of local skin melanin pigment apoptosis common chronic skin disease, it caused by melanin production environments was destroyed, so what is melanin production environment? It’ s our body’s immune system, endocrine, internal organs, qi and blood disorder all these can induce vitiligo, so if we want to treat vitiligo from the root, we must treat the vitiligo production environment, the herbs and vitamins have a good effect to treat vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to briefly introduce this to you for your reference.

In the follow part, I’d like to introduce two experiments, after the experiments, you will have a more clear understand of the herbs and vitamins for vitiligo.

The experiment of Improvement of vitiligo after oral treatment with vitamin B12 and folic acid and the importance of sun exposure.

Acta Derm Venereol. 1997. The aim of this 2-year study was to test the hypothesis that folic acid, vitamin B12 and sun exposure could be helpful in treating vitiligo. One hundred patients with vitiligo were treated with oral folic acid and vitamin B12 after being informed that sun exposure might enhance repigmentation. They were requested to keep a record of sun exposure in summer and UVB irradiation in winter. The minimal treatment time suggested was 3-6 months but should be longer if improvement was achieved. Clear repigmentation occurred in 52 patients, including 37 who exposed their skin to summer sun and 6 who used UVB lamps in winter. Repigmentation was most evident on sun-exposed areas, where 38% of the patients had previously noted repigmentation during summer months. Total repigmentation was seen in 6 patients. The spread of vitiligo stopped in 64% of the patients after treatment. Folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation combined with sun exposure can induce repigmentation better than either the vitamins or sun exposure alone. Treatment should continue as long as the white areas continue to repigment. Further studies are needed to determine ideal minimal dosages of vitamins and UV exposure, as well as treatment time.

The experiment of gingko as a natural treatment for vitiligo skin condition

Drs. Orest Szczurko and Heather S. Boon of the University of Toronto reviewed published research regarding natural vitiligo treatment and found 15 controlled studies. Three of the studies looked at L-phenylalanine with UVA or UVB therapy, and one looked at L-phenylalanine in combination with other drugs. While all these studies showed benefits, there were a high number of dropouts and the lack of a control group. Drs. Orest Szczurko and Heather S. Boon report that there is mild to moderate evidence for the benefit of Gingko biloba as a natural vitiligo treatment. BMC Dermatology, 2008.

After the two experiments, you must have a clear understand the effects of vitamins and herbs for vitiligo.


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