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Why Vitiligo is Hard to Cure

Vitiligo is a chronic and stubborn disease hard to heal. There are several factors that cause the vitiligo long time treatment and without result. In this article, I’d like to briefly introduce these factors.

(1) The vitiligo cause is not clear lead to the treatment is hard:

Vitiligo treatment is to try to restore damaged melanin cells after the melanin cells in epidermal skin damaged, because the damaged melanin cells is hard to restore. There are many factors will cause vitiligo and the etiology is very complex, some is still remain unclear, all kinds of treatment effects will influenced by many factors, we lack of effective treatment to treat vitiligo, so it is hard to treat vitiligo, ideal medicine and and the therapy get rid of the vitiligo from it root is still no found at present.

(2) After the vitiligo onset do not see the specialized skin disease expert:

Some vitiligo patients treat vitiligo without diagnosis, do not know which type it belongs to, do not find etiology and treat blindly, take medicine after have vitiligo and don’t know exact illness state, it caused many patients long time treatment and have no effect, some patients have the no effect after take medicine or anti medicine effect and the vitiligo area spread and allergic to medicine and other side effects, lose the best treatment time.

(3) Do not take a systematic treatment:

Many vitiligo patients have do not find an disease experts to systematically treat vitiligo, and find some bad doctors, not standard medicine and folk remedies, use one medicine without effects than change another medicine, continuous treatment cause misdiagnose and mistreat. And some patients take skin grafting operation even his vitiligo is not shape in dot and stable, after the operation, their vitiligo expand in large scale, some vitiligo caused by tetanus to take skin grafting surgery cause many other skin problems. Some vitiligo patient have allergic constitution and take medicine wrongly will cause whole body allergic.

(4) Drug abuse:

Many patients take medicine without the instruction of their doctor, use drugs for the treatment of vitiligo illness and take the medicine without read instruction book, do not care about what type, what cause the vitiligo. This will cause the drug abuse. Some vitiligo patients too worried about their disease and blindly seek doctors, thy just want to have a try, that cause many mistreated and misdiagnosis problems. Vitiligo is a kind of local melanin cells apoptosis chronic and stubborn skin disease, it can not use a medicine and get cured. It need vitiligo experts comprehensive analyze it cause, type, characters, whether it in the progressive stage and other factors to make treatment plan and then systematically treat the vitiligo.


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