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Young Vitiligo Patient’s Mental Adjust Features

young people vitiligoVitiligo patients under 35 years old have their own features according to the difference of their age, job, education, social status. But because they have the same skin disease, their mental activity, their need for society and strong wish to cure have the common features.

Their mental state and life requires:

(1) Healing wish is strong:

When the vitiligo patients was told they diagnosed with vitiligo, they showed fear, anxiety, worry and uneasy. The exterior vitiligo patients will woe and cry loudly, have lost all desire of food and drink; the interior vitiligo patients will silent, have cold facial expression, worry all the time. The patients will find famous doctor to diagnose their disease everywhere to find out the truth of their illness and ask for take all kinds of checks, a few vitiligo patients will copy down all kinds of check results and ask the medical workers at the name of other’ s disease, some blindly take treatments, believe some hearsay, go to see famous doctors, seek remedies; some vitiligo patients were too ready to suspect will suspect the vitiligo transfer to a certain area even with a little bit uncomfortable feeling.

(2) Self-worth lose:

After the patients affirmed their illness, they feel disappointed and lose their heart. First they feel themselves become the burden of their family members, feel sad. Although they desperate about their disease, instead of thinking about how to treat their disease what filled in their mind is that they still miss what impressed them most and the problems they hard to put it down, look back their good by gone days, plan their future road, specifically plan their marriage, offspring, economic, work and other problems, they express disappointment more than expectation, feel uneasy, hesitate and unhappy, depressed all the day, lose interests to all the things, have few requests, they express their emotions use body language mostly, even someone behave rude for mental upset.

(3) Their mental prevention reaction stronger after frustration:

Have vitiligo is a big frustration for young people especially for female, the patients with frustration will have prevention reaction such as depression, deny, diversion, projection, compensation, illusion, regression in their emotions and actions. Some patients should take medicine as earlier as possible and reluctant to receive treatment lead to their vitiligo delayed cause their illness spreading. Some patients vitiligo state relieved but their heart still fluttering with fear and have no appetite to eat or drink, have sleep problems, their spirits are drooping, pessimistic wait their vitiligo spread.

(4) Nutrition need:

Almost all the patients not satisfied with their food for are on diet for certain food, the food types and nutrition are not abundant.

(5) Concern about the medical development:

Most of the young vitiligo patients have certain culture degree, they shown different degree concern about medical development after they have vitiligo, often counseling about vitiligo treatment development trends and often borrow or buy some books about vitiligo. Their mutual information communication and wait for a new breakthrough someday.


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