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How to Adjust Children Vitiligo Patient’s Mental Problems


We all known the children are more easy to have mental problems after they have vitiligo and during the vitiligo treatment period. In this period, their parents should try to adjust their mental problems. I’d like to briefly introduce some common ways to adjust their mental problems in this article.

(1) Urge the children associate with their peers:

At any time, their parents should try to create opportunities make them play with their peers, this could reduce the children vitiligo patient’s lonely feeling, it also can ensure the continuous development of children vitiligo patient’s social skills and ability.

(2) Maintain children vitiligo patient’s autonomy:

Their parents should pay attention to maintain their autonomy, try to make them to do decisions in the possible rage, such as let them to decide which time to receive treatment (such as it is now or half an hour later), let them to do things in their power, parents should not keep everything on their own hands, this is not good for the increase of children’ s confidence and self-esteem.

(3) Encourage them to live and learn just like normal children:

Parents should encourage children vitiligo patients to live and learn just like normal children and take their responsibility. Moreover, with the increasing knowing the importance of school experience to children sound development, now they pay more attention to let their children go back to school as soon as possible, to study just like normal children. Generally holds that their parents should take some measures to reduce their fear to go back to school, you can rehearse about how to answer their peers problems, if it is possible, you can hire a tutor to teach your child at home or ask the school to give some cooperation.

(4) Publicly discuss their vitiligo:

those children vitiligo patients have few chance to talk over their illness will have higher degree anxiety while those have opportunities to discuss their vitiligo, their maladjustment problems will reduced. So the medical workers should adopt the way the children vitiligo patients can understand to publicly and candidly discuss the causes, harms and treatment of their vitiligo and pay attention to listen to their opinions, let the children vitiligo patients learn they have vitiligo is not their fault, this could help to reduce their guilty; let the children vitiligo patients learn about what’s going on and what will happened on their body will help to reduce their anxiety about their vitiligo. Moreover, publicly discuss their peer’s vitiligo patient’s white patches expand, emphasize their illness state is not the same as their peer patients can reduce their fear and sadness.

(5) Use all kinds of mental interventions:

Generally speaking children willing to receive all kinds of mental interventions to reduce their mental disturbs. Such as learn new coping skills, movie demonstration (watch the children vitiligo patient’s good behaviors in the movie), peers demonstration and counseling to their peers (take several children vitiligo patients with good behaviors as example, talk to them). Try to divert their attention, relax, positive self-language (use language to encourage yourself to complete a certain treatment, such as when take an injection encourage yourself you should encourage and do not cry) all this ways are the effective mental interventions children vitiligo patients can use.

Of course, when the children receive a new treatment, they need receive specific instructions. They should pay special attention to is try to make them realize their illness state is under their control and there will have someone to help them at any time.


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