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Acupuncture Can Treat Vitiligo

 Acupuncture therapy have good effect on vitiligo treatment through clinical experience. Why acupuncture have such effect? Now I’d like to make it clear in this article.

 Acupuncture therapy is the traditional Chinese medicine common therapy, acupuncture it is the general term of acupuncture and moxibustion, Acupuncture therapy involves jabbing specially made metal needles of different length into the patient's body at certain acupuncture points, treating the patient by twirling or lifting the needles, this therapy adjusting the main and collateral channels, internal organs, qi and blood functions through needling to achieve the objection to prevent and treat the disease. Because acupuncture and moxibustion always combine to use. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the occurrence of vitiligo, the state of vitiligo, symptoms are complex but the reasons is just the yin and yang, internal organs function disorder. Acupuncture treat vitiligo is according to the traditional Chinese medicine internal organs and main and collateral channels theory, use look, listen, question and feel the pulse -- four ways of diagnosis. Conclude and analysis different clinical symptoms to determine the pathology and site of disease, make it clear whether the disease is in the skin or internal organs and use acupuncture to treat. Decide whether the feature is cold or hot, to adjusting the whole body internal organs function, dredging the channel, adjusting the qi and blood, balanced the body’s yin and yang, make the internal organs function normal, this therapy have good effect to treat vitiligo through clinical experience.

 Modern medical research shows that acupuncture treat vitiligo mechanism might be:

 (1) Acupuncture have adjusting function:

The acupuncture acupuncture function include adjusting blood and vessels, internal organs, tissue cells and so on. Vitiligo patients always have blood composition changed, micro circulation obstacle, blood flow abnormal, this changes can adjust through acupuncture, make it biological balanced and restore. As to the organ tissue cells, it adjust function more obvious, acupunture have inhibit function to some hyper, excited, cramped organs, tissues and cells. Have excited and nutrient function to those weak, inhibit, inhibit, slow organs, tissues and cells. Through excited and inhibit two-ways regulation, make the disease pathology change into normal and achieve the objection of prevent and treat the disease. This two-ways regulation might related to acupuncture regulate the adrenal gland, neurohumour, nerve, endocrine, sex gland and so on.

 (2) Acupuncture have defense function:

 The influence of acupuncture to defense are in many aspects, acupuncture have increase function to all kinds of specific immunity and non specific immunity. Acupuncture have obvious anti-inflammatory action. Moreover, acupuncture can activate many sense organs, stop hurt and itch, this might related to nerve, endocrine, neurohumour, cardiovascular function state and so on. This all can prove acupuncture have good effect to vitiligo.


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