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Vitiligo Symptoms

Symptoms of vitiligo include an often rapid pigment loss on several areas of the skin. vitiligo symptoms often appear on both sides of your body as symmetrical white patches.

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Why Some Vitiligo Symmetrically Distributed

Why some vitiligo symmetrically distributed? This question often referenced by the vitiligo patients. The vitiligo can regularly distributed and also can symmetrically distributed. Some distribute along the nerve and present in the strip sh...[ Read More ]

How To Judge Vitiligo Condition

Many vitiligo patients dont know the degrees of their vitiligo, because every ones vitiligo conditions and sick time is different, the types of vitiligo is also many, so it is make the vitiligo patients hard to judge their vitiligo conditio...[ Read More ]

Does The White Spot After Seawater Bath Is Vitiligo

Does the white spot after seawater bath is vitiligo? In this article, Id like tell you how to recognize the white spots after the seawater bath. In the hot summer, the ultraviolet ray irradiation is quite intense, the high temperature alway...[ Read More ]

How To Distinguish Vitiligo And Pityriasis Simplex

We all know the mainly symptoms of vitiligo is white spots. But white spots is not necessary is vitiligo, many disease with white spots is quite easy confused with vitiligo. In this article, Id like to tell you the difference between vitili...[ Read More ]

Dose The Skin Lesion Site Of Vitiligo Have Melanin

In this article, Id like to talk about the question does the skin lesion site of vitiligo have melanin exist? That question concerned by many vitiligo patients. In the following part, Id like to make a brief introduction about it. Whether t...[ Read More ]

How To Distinguish Progressive Vitiligo And Stable Vitiligo

According to the vitiligo development, vitiligo can be divided into progressive stage and stable stage, how to distinguish these two stages vitiligo and make targeted treatment? In the following part, Id like to make a brief introduction ab...[ Read More ]

How To Recognize Vitiligo On Early Stage

Vitiligo on early stage only present in skin is white spot, have no other obvious symptoms, so often it quite hard to diagnose in timely. So it is often ignored by people. Learn the symptoms of vitiligo in early stage is quite necessary, it...[ Read More ]

Why Some Vitiligo Distribute Symmetrically

The vitiligo distribution can be irregular and symmetrically or along the nerve singly distribute present in strip shape. The skin lesion can be distribute in large scale, it also can localized in certain sites. All these are normal phenome...[ Read More ]

The Common Diagnostic Methods For Vitiligo

We all know the symptoms of vitiligo mainly present in our skin is white spot. But not all the white spot is vitiligo. So we must have a understanding about how to effectively diagnose vitiligo to avoid misdiagnose and mistreat of vitiligo...[ Read More ]

Symptoms And Treatments Of Teenager Vitiligo

What are the clinical presentation of teenager vitiligo? Normally speaking the teenager vitiligo climax often concentrate before the 19 years old, the teenager vitiligo also can treated as a special type, the earliest onset age of teenager...[ Read More ]

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