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The typical symptoms of vitiligo

The symptom of vitiligoNo obvious gender difference and different age groups can get it,especially for teenagers.Skin lesion is depigmentation spot and usually presents milk white,also light pink.Its surface is slippy without rash.Its edge is clear and marginal pigment is much more than normal skin.The hair is normal or white in vitiligo area.Lesions usually occur in the positions which are exposing in sunlight and other positions suffered from friction injury.The illness more presents symmetrical distribution.White spot also usually distributes along the nerve segments distribution and is like a zonation.Except for the skin lesions, mouth, lips, the glans penis and prepuce’s medial mucosa are also often affected.

Patients with this disease usually have no subjective symptoms. A few patients have local itching feeling at the affected part before the disease or at the same time with the disease.Vitiligo is often associated with other autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency, scleroderma, atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, etc.Specific classification is as follows:

1. Limited type

(1)For the focal type, there are one or more of vitiligo confined to one area, but it is not a segment distribution;

(2)For the unilateral type (segment type),there are one or more of vitiligo distributed like segment, and suddenly disappear in mid-line ;

(3)For the mucosal type,it only involves the mucous membrane.

2. Distributing type

(1) The ordinary type is widely spread.

(2) Acral- facial type distribute on the face and limbs;

(3) Hybrid- segment type,Acral- facial type and unusual type have a mixture distribution .

3.Generalized type

All or nearly all generate depigmentation.More than 90% of vitiligo is Distributing type ,and in the rest of the vitiligo the limited type is more than the generalized type.

According to depigmentation at skin lesion, the disease can be divided into complete and incomplete types.The former has negative reaction to DOPA and melanocyte disappear, resulting poor response to treatment.The latter has positive reaction to DOPA , and melanocyte does not disappear.Its cure rate is high.


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