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Is vitiligo a kind of hemopathy and contagion?

Vitiligo MechanismIs vitiligo a kind of hemopathy and contagion?

Form the aetiological agent of vitiligo, we can know that the decrease and disappearance of tyrosinase in melanophore can lead to progressive decrease or disappearance of melanin, and then cause local or generalized depigmentation disease. From this point, vitiligo has no direct relationship with blood. However, data shows that vitiligo patients indeed exist some changes on neuroendocrine and immunology. Thus, we can see some laboratory investigation abnormity when we make blood test for patients.

Data also shows patients will accompany with thrombocytopenia and platelet surface associated immunoglobulin increase phenomenon. Other researches also find vitiligo patients also accompany with anti-parietal cell antibody, antinuclear antibodies, anti-thyroid cytoplasm antibodies and other organ specific antibody, even anti-melanin cell antibody. These unusual laboratory investigation is not enough to prove vitiligo a blood disease.

Some epidemic skin diseases, such as gafeira, will generate some discolored changes just like vitiligo, which will be mistaken for vitiligo. Therefore, many people consider vitiligo a kind of infectious skin disease. In fact, vitiligo is just a kind of discolored changes because of local melanin metabolic disturbance. There is no other anomalous change except for depigmentation. In conclusion, vitiligo has no infectivity.

Vitiligo need can be diagnosed after checking by instruments. The greatest characteristic of vitiligo is easy to develop. Check it early and get treatment once diagnosed, lest delaying the disease and missing the best treatment time. At that time ,it will not only increase the difficulty for treatment, but also increase costs relatively.

There are many vitiligo hospital .No matter which hospital you will go to, experts advise to choose a formal, authority, professional vitiligo hospital to make scientific inspection and systematic treatment. Different illness, the treatment is also different. Only the most suitable treatment for patients can be effective in the treatment .



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