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Will Vitiligo Spread To Other Areas

Normally vitiligo won’t locate to the local area of skin, which will spread to the other areas. And there is also the cases that the white patches only located in the local skin and won’t spread, but that is the small rate.

It can start from hand then the symptoms show on head. The symptoms show around mouth, around eyes and around ears. And it can also spread to oxter, arms, legs and feet.

So normally the white patches will spread. And if we haven’t a professional treatment. The condition will get more worse. It is a self-immune disorder. We need balance the immune system, and remove the blood toxin and produce the new melanin cells. Then the skin color can change and keep a stable condition.

And the face symptoms will get improved firstly, then the chest, arms, legs. The hand and feet are the most difficult ares to get color change relatively compared to the other areas.

But if we can balance the immune system and remove the blood toxin. And there will show the good effects. And it is a genetic disease, so it can occur in the family for many member of family to suffer from vitiligo.

It is not fatal, just the color loss influence on the appearance of people with vitiligo. The symptoms show on skin, the cause is not on skin surface. So we’d better treat and remove the underneath cause.

So we advice the patients to treat with TCM, the traditional Chinese herb medication. This kind of medicine comes from nature. So it is safe and without side effects compare to the hormone medicine. And the hormone medicine with the effects to against the immune system which is overact when the patients with vitiligo. But it is only a short time effect.

So we advice the safe and long term effect treatments. The medicine need boiled into black or brown soup. The flavor is bitter. But there is an old saying that only the biter medicine with the good effects.

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