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The Heredity of Vitiligo

The Heredity of Vitiligo,VitiligoWhat is the heredity of vitiligo

The heredity is not infection. The color loss of vitiligo people, which causes the others feel scared that will spread to them so that they get rid of touching and communication with the vitiligo group of people. But there is no business with touch or communication with infection. The heredity is not same with infection, the heredity means the the spread in family with the relationship.

The father has vitiligo, their children also have the risk to get the same skin disorder. If the parents both have vitiligo, their kids company with a higher risk to get vitiligo. There a study shows that vitiligo with a 30% rate of heredity. So there is the family with 4 people have vitiligo.

How to prevent the heredity

If the parents have vitiligo, the kids will have a bigger risk to get vitiligo. But it is not to say that the kids will definitely get vitiligo. And there are many things we can do to prevent or decrease the risk of vitiligo.

You know that the vitiligo patients usually have a sun burning history. So you should avoid the strong sunshine. But the proper sun bath is good for you. The vitiligo patients condition will get worse if they intake more vitamin C. And some of cases get vitiligo because the over intake of this type of Vitamin. So we should get rid of the vitamin medicine as well as the fruits and vegetables that are rich of it.

The skin should be sensitive than the normal people. So we should protect ourselves from accident or injury. And the make-up products should choose the mild types. And we should also have the scientific lifestyle. You can do more sports to increase your immune system. And you can have a proper weight. Although it is no business with obesity. But obesity do not favor you the development of vitiligo. And some cases do have a obesity condition with vitiligo. And you’d better have a comprehensive test early.

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