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Vitiligo On Face,( Around Eyes and Lips)

Vitiligo SympotomsVitiligo is something that loss of skin melanin, we called it skin color pigment.because of the internal immunological process, skin may lose color anywhere including any part of the face.

For cosmetic and social reasons, patients with vitiligo always have a concern of spreading vitiligo on the face, the most obvious area, as it can affect the self-esteem of the person.

As far as medically concern, a random, single spot of vitiligo on one side of the face is not very difficult to cure, unless it affects lips or corner of the lip or the corner of the eyes; what is typically called as muco-cutaneous junctions; which makes the treatment difficult.

However ,If someone has vitiligo around both the eyes, again, that brings people in the ‘difficult to treat’ category, as ‘bilaterally symmetrical vitiligo’ is more difficult to show results.

Meanwhile ,In life experience , over seven thousand cases, for one to develop symmetrical patches, there must be a strong genetic factor. That is, someone in the family must have suffered with one of the auto-immune diseases such as vitiligo, under-active thyroid, alopecia, diabetes or cancer. Many times, the patient may not be aware of such family history.

To sum up, if one has vitiligo on his lips, it is better to accept this situation and the treatment should be targeted at controlling further spread rather than curing it; as this variety is very difficult to treat. Camouflage or tattooing is a suggested treatment for it.

Vitiligo around both eyes is difficult to cure completely. However, we have documented some cases with partial or significant success in life,

Treatment for Vitiligo on Face

There is no specific treatment or medicine to prevent vitiligo on any specific part of the body such as the face. The treatment can try to control the underlying disease process whereby controlling the spread of vitiligo in general.Single or a few, not too large, vitiligo spots on face can find good results.


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