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Is Vitiligo Infectant or Genetic

Is Vitiligo Infectant or Genetic,VitiligoVitiligo has been a common skin disease in skin disease hospital. The color loss of skin make great trouble for patients. And the influences includes the physical and mental harms.

The vitiligo is not fatal, and the symptoms may occur again and again. That is the big problem. But the others’ attitude towards vitiligo and they are afraid of communication and touch with the people with vitiligo.

Is vitiligo infectant

There are many cases show that vitiligo doesn’t infect the others. And there is no need to be afraid the infection of vitiligo.

It is a self auto-immune disorder, there are treatments and medicine to anti the over reaction of people of vitiligo. But the effects are fast not long term. And if the vitiligo will infect the others, the skin disease hospital’s doctor and nurses all have big risk to get infected.

Is vitiligo genetic

Heredity is different from infection, the infection is the patient with the others who may communicate with work, life and society. The heredity refers to the family member with blood relation or gene relation.

We have know that it is a disease that can’t infect the others. But it is possible to spread in family. The cause is the gene. The heredity rate is about 30%. That is not to say if the parent have vitiligo, the child will also have vitiligo. Once the parent has vitiligo, the kids should also pay attention early. And if we set good and scientific life style that can greatly decrease the risk of heredity.

How to prevent heredity of vitiligo

The comprehensive tests of blood and skin are necessary. Some patients get vitiligo because they intake too much vitamin C from fruits or medication. If there is a vitiligo patient in your family, the others should take less and pay enough attention to vitamin C.

Don’t stay up too late and do sports to increase the immune system and keep a scientific life quality. If we have a strong immune system that can prevent vitiligo as well as the other disease too.

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