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The Risks And Complications of Vitiligo

The Risks And Complications of Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo is a color loss on parts of patients skin. The vitiligo itself is not fatal, but the influence can make a lots of troubles on daily life.

The causes maybe gene, and it is a immune disorder disease which can last long time. During the treatments and medication, there are lots things we should take care. And some of the strong medication even have side effects. And vitiligo patients can also company with some complications.

Complications of vitiligo

You may don’t know that complications, you can know about from here, and hope we can give you a brief a introduction.

1. Diabetes

2. Addison's anemia

3. Some autoimmune diseases

4. Thyropathy

There are some other complications you are also facing.

5. Embarrassment (see Society problems)

6. Depression

7. Anxiety

8. Uveitis

9. Premature graying (see Graying)

Complications and sequelae of Vitiligo from the Diseases Database include:

10. Rash

11. Poliosis

12. Hypopigmentation

13. Photosensitivity of skin

14. Koebner phenomenon

There the complications of vitiligo. And we should know about them as well as pay enough attention before they really attack you.

And we should also know that the big and severe risk is the heredity feature of viitligo. There is a rate of 30% of heredity. And there are the family history of vitiligo. So the parent are planing to have a family, we should let the vitiligo in well controlled condition.

And let the kids pay enough attention and form scientific life habits and do sports to increase their immune system.

The others’ attitude and the appearance change of skin color caused great influence on your life and work. There is a need to tell us that vitiligo is not fatal, and it won’t spread to the others. So the communication and touch with the people who are suffering vitiligo won’t let the others also get vitilio. But all people have the risks to get vitiligo, we should have a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t stay up too late, and avoid the intake of vitamin C from fruits and medication. Then the vitiligo should keep in a stable condition. If you want get a treatment, you should choose the professional skin disease hospital. Once you have any confused problems, you can also send your problems to or you can consult our online doctors.


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