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How To Identify Vitiligo

There are many people do not know how to identify vitiligo, and some people even confused it with other diseases. This is because a lot of people do not understand about the characteristics of vitiligo and they often mingle it with other vitiligo similar diseases , so how to identify vitiligo?.

In order to understand how to identify vitiligo , the vitiligo experts has said that to identify the vitiligo ,it should truly based on the following points:

1, It is mainly induded by acquired, and it can occur in any location and at any ages.

2, The skin lesions damage as the white patches, white patches color is light white, milky white, pure white, porcelain white, etc.

3, The white patches seprate into divergence number, and it will increase gradually and become larger, and even into the patch.

4, Vitiligo can be accompanied by white hair disease.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the hemopenia nevus, it is a congenital less pigmentation, skin redness around the vitiligo is acquired.

As for amelanotic nevus, it is mainly strewn along the nerve segment unilateral piebald shape of light stain, eventually living in different places, and it mainly starts with some clear position .

On the other hand, Tinea versicolor specifically appears with a large number of patients with lesions of pityriasis versicolor is easy to peel off the chaff like scales, but the scales are not vitiligo.

Here comes the pure rosea: it represents as round or ovate covered with chaff like scales of light colored patches, and it is accompanied by mild edema and the symptoms of vitiligo scales.

Whatsmore , as for the discoid lupus erythematosus: early lesions of discoid lupus is only one or several pieces of bright red patches, which overlying to adhesion scales, atrophy and telangiectasia; vitiligo this disease.

White patches: the white patches looks more than a mesh, striped or patchy, for the white, and the damage to the skin, vitiligo without itching. Vitiligo is caused mainly due to the elimination of melanocytes and the onset of the vitiligo is complicated.

Warm tips : vitiligo is always the long-term disease which needs to be paied more attention to it. Therefore, experts advise that vitiligo treatment must be to done in the professional vitiligo hospital treatment.


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