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Different Symptoms Of Vitiligo

As we all known that during in many skin diseases research knows that, vitiligo is a disease with high incidence, there are many aspects of the disease, its incidence will not only damage the patient's appearance and also have caused serious damage to the patient's physical and psychological, will also affect the patient's health and normal life, but according to the etiology of vitiligo and different symptoms to vitiligo is divided to different types, so what are the performance of different types of vitiligo ? See the introduction of expert performance of different types of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is divided into many different types according to the causes of induced vitiligo.
1, Symptoms include: first, the performance of different types of vitiligo in the performance of sporadic vitiligo symptoms. White patches is located in multiple parts of the generalized hair, in fact, it is not, as long as the total area of not more than 50% is sporadic. However, the deterioration of sporadic vitiligo, the white spot area will expand, once more than 50%, which means that sporadic vitiligo has been developed for the generalized vitiligo.

2, In the performance of different types of vitiligo, incidence of vitiligo has a wide range of white pacthes into a piece of small spot. Generalized vitiligo involving multiple parts of the patient, and the white pacthes is rarely a single existence, it is often connected to a large area of large. Symmetry of skin lesions. If the patient side of the elbow appear white spots, then usually in the same time, the other side will appear the same situation. Generalized vitiligo is often damaged by melanoma cells, and the disease occurs in the eyebrows, head, often lead to white hair.

3,The symptoms of vitiligo, there are three extremities. Acral vitiligo is a primary in human extremities, such as facial, hand, foot and fingers and toes, and other exposed parts, and mainly distributed in these parts, a few may be associated with the body of generalized vitiligo.

4, The limitations of vitiligo symptoms. white patches confined to one, one or several pieces. This type of vitiligo occur without a fixed region, the body can be found in any part of the white spot. If the white spot in the progress of the white spot is limited to one, but the area will continue to expand. The incidence of this type of vitiligo is closely related to the factors of trauma.

To sum up, through the introduction of different types of vitiligo, we know that the genaralized type of vitiligo diseased parts of the wide, white patches occur into the film, but limited vitiligo white spot is limited in one place, for the performance of different types of vitiligo we still see a specialist in detail. If you have vitiligo any problems, you can contact online experts, they will be for you to answer in detail!


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