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Elderly With Vitiligo

Vitiligo SympotomsWhat is Elderly Vitiligo ?

Elderly vitiligo is type of Vitiligo which marked as the reduction in patients with the body's immunity and vulnerable mental capacity ,in the event of disease, the patients often shows the nervous and worried conditions.The older Vitiligo has last a long time,most patients who have received a variety of complex methods of treatment, often associated with other chronic diseases and weak immune systems as well as the elderly and infirm, and so on. During the treatment it has to pay a great attention to these characteristics during the treatment of elderly patients with Vitiligo and combined with the patient's own situation and select a reasonable choice of treatment, and to adjust their internal environment.

Psychological problems

1. change in interpersonal relationships: because the elderly have characteristics of depression and poor ability to adapt to new things, so once suffering from Vitiligo, they usually have very strong feeling of loneliness, nervous stimulation for treatment is often not easy to adapt. Meanwhile, they also have no confidence in treatment,the suspect to the skeptical and afraid of being rejected by medical personnel, spouses, or friends, fear of losing something, and so on.

2. dependence and independence: dependent and independent is a contradiction. Elderly patients with Vitiligo afraid of being burdern of others, particularly the burden of their children on the other side,they have a strong psychological dependence, they are very eager to get people, especially childrens care and filial piety,which can satisfy their psychological needs.


1,regular diet, and rest

2, rational treatment and medicine

3 crate a good habits and create a harmonious living environment

4 Overcome negative emotions, keep a good mood

5 Correct behavior to prevent iatrogenic injury

Selecting medicine principle

1, choose diet and medication

2, first selected oral and injection

3 Select old drugs,then try to use new drugs

4 Select traditional Chinese medicine first and then Western medicine

Disease care

Method 1:Rational diet, good rest

Method 2:crate good habits and create a harmonious living environment.

Method 3 : Overcome negative emotions, keep good mood

Method 4: Proper medical attention to prevent iatrogenic injury.

Diet for Elderly vitiligo patients

1,patients should remember to avoid eating onions, alcohol and spicy food, fish, lamb and other Red foods and at the same time, avoid to eat much spinach, since is contains excessive amounts of Oxalic acid, easily suffer from itchy skin.

2 Patients should not eat much foods which contains rich vitamin c, because vitamin c is not only inhibit the synthesis of melanin cells in the metabolic process of melanin, but also lowers the activity of tyrosinase and increased

The situation of Vitiligo.

3 Patients usually can eat some foods which contains tyrosine mineral like beef, milk, carrots, bamboo shoots, walnut, spiral shells, such as the food.


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