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Childrens With Vitiligo

Vitiligo SympotomsChildrens vitiligo is a common comose pigmented skin disease,this disease has a distinct characteristic of local or generalized pigment depigmentation which formate the leukoplakia ,it is a kind of limitations or generalized skin depigmentation which affects the beauty of the common skin diseases, its easy to diagnose, treatment is difficult. Chinese medical science called "vitiligo" . The Chinese Medicine Research Center pointed out that vitiligo is a posteriority skin depigmentation which caused the limitations of white patches, the local skin presents white patches. In medicine science we usually called this lesion as depigmentation. The disease has occurred all over the world, India has the highes morbidity, China has about one million people, it can be involved in all races, there is no significant difference between men and women.

The causes of Childrens vitiligo are many, firstly, the higher Positive rate in patients F Hx,and patients F Hx has the history of premature birth which means the genetic factors play a important role in the pathogenesis of childrens vitiligo . it appears in the knee, elbow, forearm hand, foot and other vulnerable parts, plus: the trauma may be can cause of children vitiligo.

Skin lesions places: the Skin lesions places of children who has Vitiligo often distribute in pate place, it happened About 50% and BLE(both lower extremities) people are about 28%, trunk areas are about 18%, the most common place is aedea.

Diet attention: Childrens vitiligo should suppliment some trace elements like copper, iron, zinc rather than avoiding some Taboo food and Stimulation food .The research has found that the pilosity of childrens Vitiligo has a close relation with lacking trace elements like copper, iron, zinc and it lead to lack of tyrosinase activity in patients body, the melanoma cells got destoryed and thereby reduce the synthesis of melanin.. Don't eat much sweet food and Snacks, it can easily cause Vitiligo due to faulty nutrition,


The key diagnosis of childens vitiligo are the edge of skin white patches appears the phenomenon of Pigment deepen,some of them can appears pigment zone.

The reliable method among the key diagnosis of childens vitiligo is detect under the Wood's lamp. The white Patches shows Pure white fluorescence and it has the clearly difference with the skin which around it, clear boundary,no scales.

The symptoms of vitiligo is acquired depigmentation spots or hypopigmentation spots, not innate.

The patches of Vitiligo has a clearly boundary with the normal skin around it and it has irregular shapes, different sizes, Vitiligo can be combined into piece in the later stage, degree of difficulty treatment increased at the same time, these are also the the key symptoms of childrens vitiligo.

Hazards of Vitiligo

After the attack of childrens Vitiligo, The white patches scale will expend larger and larger if it can not be cured in long-term, what makes it worse is it can spread through whole body and link with other complications. Such as: Thyroid disease, diabetes, lupus erythematosus, pernicious anemia, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, chronic active hepatitis,chronic adrenocortical insufficiency and etc.Children with Vitiligo are not only have to bear the obsession of white patches but also harm the healthy of childrens vitiligo Patient.

The Vitiligo can bring a huge negative influence to childrens psychology, its undeniable that there exist someone who discriminate the Vitiligo patient, it can brings a huge psychological shadow to Vitiligo children, in some cases , it can just decrease the Self- confidence and brings the Conflict psychology to the Interpersonal communication. The worse one is it can affect the personality of the children, maybe Autism.

Because children have the vulnerable resistibility to the ultraviolet rays , so childrens Vitiligo can bring the cutaneum carcinoma to children.

When childrens Vitiligo developed into large scale Vitiligo,it can cause the irregular Perspiration, Skin cell metabolism disorder and link with other skin disease.

It needs to take large quantity of medicines to cure the childrens vitiligo , Because of the immaturity of the childrens body system and fragile ability of hazard prevention, taking long-term medicine will affect the healthy of childrens body, even physiogenesis.

The Sigmar phototherapy can irradiate the affected part by using UVB or UVA band, Stimulate the restoration function of the melanocyte and promote the regeneration of skin melanin granule cells;adjust the body's immune system and neuroendocrine, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, improving blood circulation. Its characteristic is easy to use,small side effect , obvious treatment effect.


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