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Clinical Manifestations Of Vitiligo Symptoms

Clinical Manifestations Of Vitiligo SymptomsAs we all known that now there are a lot of people who suffering from vitiligo, more and more people, and the hazards of vitiligo is different, not only to the patient's health caused great impact, but also damage the appearance of patients, to the patient's psychological caused a great shadow, but vitiligo treatment effect has not been very good, which is a large part of the reason is because of what is not very understanding, leading to the onset can not be timely discovery of vitiligo patients the clinical manifestations of vitiligo, so what are the clinical manifestations of vitiligo? Look at experts together.

The clinical manifestations of vitiligo what are the introduction of experts first mentioned skin lesions at the skin color, white, white, milky white or porcelain, etc.. Patients generally no discomfort. Prior to the onset or at the same time local skin in a minority of patients have itching, there are patients in stable condition due to some factors resulting in itching, followed by vitiligo is tendency to expand or new white spot.

Vitiligo is a skin disease, in addition to the typical skin lesions, there are many aspects of the systemic manifestations, including the following aspects:

(1) lesions localized bleaching spots, ranging from the size of the clear edge, and the surrounding healthy skin at the junction of the thick skin. Around the common transient inflammatory halo new damage occurs, or the number of single or multiple, merging into a large. The surface of the skin hair white, without any symptoms, skin lesions after sun burning itching.

(2) all ages can occur, but young people see more, children can also occur. The course of disease is slow, but it can not change in a long time. It can also be intermittent development.

(3) all the parts of the body can occur. Can be scattered in the can only be limited to one place, can be symmetrical can also occur unilaterally, and sometimes can be segmental or zonal distribution.

(4) patients often sweat increased, the body temperature, prolonged bleeding. Often associated with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, pernicious anemia, thyroid disease, Addison's disease is often complicated with vitiligo.

(5) is good for general health conditions are not violated, but a later age of onset often appear alopecia areata, ectopic eczema, lichen planus, psoriasis and above its immune disease.

Clinical manifestations of vitiligo related which the introduction, we also need to know a lot of drug treatment, must through the ultraviolet irradiation can make medicine play a role, to cause subclinical inflammation and promote the melanocytes to produce melanin. Because of the presence of inflammation, at this time the local skin itching, resulting in the treatment of this kind of itching is a normal reaction, does not mean that the development of the disease. After skin from exposure, especially light colored skin of patients prone to local pain, flushing, itching of the phenomenon, and even blisters.


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