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Characteristics Of The Onset Of Segmental Vitiligo

Characteristics Of The Onset Of Segmental VitiligoVitiligo according to the development situation is divided into segmental vitiligo and vitiligo. Segmental vitiligo white spots along the nerve segment or dermatomal distribution of a melanin depigmentation of skin diseases. Segmental vitiligo etiology is complex and diverse, autoimmune factors, neurohumoral factors, black pigment cell damage factors, genetic factors, malnutrition factors such as. So, what are the characteristics of the onset of segmental vitiligo?

1, pathogenesis

The cause of segmental vitiligo may be related to the sympathetic nervous system. Specific incidence principle is: in patients with sympathetic nerve disorders resulting in patients with abnormal hormone secretion, and certain hormones secretion affect patients with skin melanin cell synthesis, thus resulting in segmental type of vitiligo.

2, the incidence of parts

Segmental type of vitiligo body parts can occur, but in the face, neck, back of the hand. Sometimes lesions showed segmental or zonal arrangement. Segmental vitiligo clinical manifestations of white spot is one or more of the distribution, along a skin region dominated by the distribution of the skin region, generally unilateral. Therefore, its development trend is relatively easy to predict.
3, the white patches color


At the beginning of the segmental vitiligo from the incidence of leukoplakia lighter in color, pale white, with the progression of the disease, white gradually deepened, was pure white, the progression of the disease to a certain degree, the hairs and hair has gradually become white, and in severe vellus hair and hair loss, the sweat gland pores followed by occlusion of the.

4, treatment characteristics

In general, segmental vitiligo patients, the age of small, short duration, the area of small easy to cure; age, long duration of disease, the area is difficult to cure. Therefore, for early treatment, timely treatment, is an important part of the remission of vitiligo.

Expert tips: segmental vitiligo type of vitiligo, a treatment is also more complex. Vitiligo hospital experts with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment and digital model of diagnosis and treatment, worked out a set of internal and external treatment, with combination of TCM and Western medicine, medicine and food similarly of "five oriented multi-source black hormone activation system" systemic therapy, and has been fully affirmed the authority of experts around the country in vitiligo academic exchange meeting, at present this therapy has pushed the country, for vitiligo patients to bring rehabilitation hope.



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