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Correct Traumatic Vitiligo Symptoms

Correct Traumatic Vitiligo SymptomsTraumatic vitiligo is a disease caused by external trauma to the body of the patient's body, is a kind of classification of vitiligo. Compared with the common type of vitiligo, traumatic vitiligo or in the cause of the above differences, and the symptoms are similar. Therefore, the majority of patients with traumatic vitiligo in the early onset of the phenomenon is ignored. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the symptoms of traumatic vitiligo for people who are often subject to physical trauma. Below, Shanghai Huici on this issue made a detailed explanation.

With the development of traumatic vitiligo disease, patients with lesions of the white spot from the early onset of a pale white, slowly deepened as pure white, white porcelain. Progression of the disease to a certain extent, skin white spots inside the hair and hair has gradually become white, and in severe vellus hair and hair loss, the sweat gland pores followed by occlusion of the (the disease for a long time, degree of disorder of patients with the need to pay close attention to this).

Traumatic vitiligo can occur in any region and age of the population, most people are in the skin after the trauma caused by the stress reaction of the disease. This stress leads to changes in patients with endocrine disorders, and endocrine change leads to the corresponding change of the body hormone, and ultimately the formation of melanin synthesis obstacles, is the skin white spot. Such as tyrosine in epinephrine synthesis is inseparable from the role, but when in a state of stress due to trauma people, leading to the secretion of epinephrine increased, thus causing the extensive use of tyrosine, thus for tyrosine synthetic melanin caused by competition and insufficient, and ultimately will lead to the emergence of vitiligo.

Traumatic vitiligo, like any other type of vitiligo, from the symptoms appear to be stable is a very slow process. The lesions are mainly shown as ranging from the size of the white spot decolorization, in patients with lesions of early, due to the color of the white spot often is not a one-time suddenly completely white, so for patients found is not easy to compare, so this is why clinical in many patients at the time of discovery is already in the medium term development of the disease. At the same time, traumatic lesions of vitiligo white spots around the color deepened phenomenon, which leads to the boundary in the visual particularly clear, and patients with leukoplakia affected area had no symptoms, and to face, neck, hand, foot and these have been injured in the parts of the most common.


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