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Whole Body Type Of Vitiligo

Whole Body Type Of VitiligoWhole body Vitiligo is the skin disease which whole body is affected by the white patches, vitiligo is the most serious type skin disease. So what are the characteristics of whole body type of vitiligo? Listen to the Chinese medicine hospital experts to do a detailed introduction to you.

What are the characteristics of systemic vitiligo:

1 Distribution of a wide range, skin melanoma cells almost die.

Generalized vitiligo is the most serious type of vitiligo, a particularly wide range of distribution, can be distributed throughout the body, white spot color is particularly evident, showing a pure white or porcelain white. In patients with vitiligo white spot range, almost all of the black pigment cells die out.

2 treatment is difficult

Due to the body of patients with vitiligo white spots of melanin cells had almost disappeared, while the treatment vitiligo is the most important is to restore the function of the synthesis of melanin, promote effective produce melanin, and generalized vitiligo patients with melanoma function almost completely lost, so the difficulty of the treatment is particularly.

3 comprehensive adherence to treatment is effective.

Because of its deep vitiligo decolorization degree, treatment is difficult, so it needs a variety of ways to treat it.

Throughout the above the introduction of the whole body type of vitiligo, i guess patients have a clearly understanding about it, hope wish all patients can get recover very soon.


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