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Characteristics Of Childhood Vitiligo

Characteristics Of Childhood VitiligoVitiligo can occur in any ages, children vitiligo is a high incidence of age, so many parents did not know their children suffering from vitiligo, when discovered already missed the best treatment time, therefore, understanding the characteristics of children with vitiligo what earlier discovery of vitiligo after the treatment.

Vitiligo is a common multiple pigmented skin diseases. The disease to local or generalized hair pigment depigmentation formation of leukoplakia characteristic, is a kind of access limitations or pan hair skin depigmentation disorder, affect the beauty of the common skin diseases, easy to diagnose, treatment is difficult. Chinese medicine called vitiligo.

1 Children with vitiligo, vitiligo patients are generally, girls than boys.

2 If patients of vitiligo with white patches, the children of 12-15% of genetic factor, if after reasonable prevention is not vitiligo, if received external stimuli will directly lead to vitiligo.

3 Vitiligo can occur in the body exposed position, for example, head, neck, back, limbs, and most will appear in the head of vitiligo in children. Head vitiligo will account for 50% of the child patients with vitiligo, the limbs will account for 35%, other parts will be 25%, remind the majority of family members of patients, should be a lot of attention to the child on the go, or play is the door, cause children vitiligo has a lot of, should pay great attention to.

4. Children vitiligo is children's immunity is low, low immunity, prone to various diseases, for example, fever, if not timely treatment, fever will be a direct result of tonsillitis, sore throat, respiratory infections and other, lesions of these diseases will directly lead to vitiligo.

5. Deal with the infection factors, resulting in of childhood vitiligo is also a factor is the diet, because children like to eat some snacks, and these snacks melanin, can easily lead to child partial eclipse anorexia, and thus cause the child resistance is low, will directly cause vitiligo.

6 Children with vitiligo, parents should pay attention to their friends, let the children take part in some physical exercise, improve children's ability to resist, to avoid some diseases.


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