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How To Differential Diagnosis The Vitiligo

How To Differential Diagnosis The VitiligoEarly skin depigmentation is not entirely a number of diseases and vitiligo symptoms have many similarities, in clinical to its diagnosis is a tricky thing, then what is the scientific identification and diagnosis of vitiligo ? The following damage to the fuzzy edge of differential diagnosis of diseases.

Anemia mole: it is a congenital less pigmentation disease, most at birth has been in existence, as long as the mottling is capillary are fewer than normal, when the affected part of the friction, the skin around the congestion. But the spot remain unchanged, which is associated with vitiligo difference method. No pigmented nevus: time of onset in after birth or after birth soon, damage along the nerve segment distribution, mainly is localized or generalized of mottling, fuzzy boundary, the edge is serrated, surrounded by pigment proliferation halo, sometimes in the mixed with light brown millet grain to lentils freckle like spots, feel normal, continuous life-long is one type of neural nevus.

Discoid lupus erythematosus: this disease is mainly in the cheeks and lips of discoid lupus erythematosus, even after cure often left leave clear boundaries of warm primality patch, the shape resembles the vitiligo, but this warm stain some atrophy and telangiectasia, fashion can be found in the adhesion of the scales, and its expansion hair follicle mouth with horny.

Leukoplakia: the main pathogenesis region in the lip mucosa and perineum vitiligo, can easily be mistaken for leukoplakia. Leukoplakia shape showing mesh stripe or flake white keratosis lesions, often itching. Vitiligo is only depigmentation, normal form, in proximity to the skin or other lesions can often find decolorization.

How to differential diagnosis the vitiligo? Vitiligo is an acquired skin depigmentation due to the limitations of white patches, the local skin was white spot like. Medicine usually this lesion called depigmentation. how to differential diagnosis the vitiligo? The symptoms and differential diagnosis of vitiligot:

There was no significant difference in the incidence of men and women, children from newborn to the elderly can be the incidence of 6 to 25 years old. The incidence reached the peak onset punctate or patchy depigmentation spots, one or several pieces of melanoma is not completely depigmentation, pale white, with the boundaries of


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