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The Difference Between Vitiligo And Leukoplakia

The Difference Between Vitiligo And LeukoplakiaThe most striking about vitiligo is the eye-catching white patches, which is the most intuitive people to judge the most intuitive sign of vitiligo. However, this is not a striking sign of the main aspects of the judgment of vitiligo, because the appearance of the white spot is also a manifestation of other diseases.

First of all, to understand the symptoms of vitiligo

Patients need to carefully observe the relevant symptoms, symptoms of vitiligo and white spots are not the same. The symptoms of vitiligo is not complicated, the initial leukoplakia mostly nails, to coin a large, nearly circular, oval or irregular in shape, also the onset punctate less stain, the realm is more than obvious; some edge around to the color band, white patches in addition to the depigmentation, the lesion did not shrink or change of chip removal, the white patches on the hair can lose pigment as well as white.

Secondly, patients need to understand how to distinguish between vitiligo and white patches Vitiligo have some differences, the following look at the common manifestations of white patches. The number of white patches are uncertainty, may be limited to the part of the body or distribution in a nerve segment (or leather), vitiligo disappear on their own is very rarely.

More detailed introduction is about: how to distinguish between vitiligo and white spots? Do you have any questions about this question? If you want to learn more about the knowledge of vitiligo, it is recommended that you pay more attention to the relevant information and information, so that you can learn more about the disease.


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