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Relationships Between Vitiligo And Blood

Relationships Between Vitiligo And BloodAccording to the survey data show that in recent years, with the increase in the pressure of life, the number of people suffering from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a common chronic skin disease, the treatment of difficult and condition repeatedly, great pain for the patients. Vitiligo is a skin disease, but there is a close relationship with the blood.

The incidence of vitiligo in the blood source

Experts found after a large number of clinical research that, found that the real cause of vitiligo. Tyrosinase in the blood serum is a key enzyme in melanin synthesis, due to poor blood circulation, blood serum in control of tyrosinase gene mutation, resulting in tyrosinase metabolism disorders, tyrosinase activity decreased or loss, unable to secrete melanin the nutrients they need, not making it into tyrosinase melanin, resulting in lack of melanoma cells to produce, causing the occurrence of disease, vitiligo.

The blood has an important role in the occurrence and development of in vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common pigment disorder skin diseases, but its pathogenesis is not clear. At present, the main tendency in the autoimmune theory, black element cell destruction doctrine, the doctrine of neurochemical factors, genetic and other. In these studies, many scholars with vitiligo clinical typing and confirmed the different types, different stage of the disease in patients with vitiligo, blood in the change of the related factors is not the same, which indicates that the different types, different stages of the disease vitiligo and its causes vary, indicating that the blood in the occurrence and development of vitiligo have an important position. Although the cause of vitiligo is complex, more factors, but through different types, different types of patients with vitiligo blood related factors in the detection, help to find a more effective treatment.

A blood test is very important for patients with vitiligo

Vitiligo and blood relationship, according to the study found that many patients with vitiligo associated with anemia, white blood cells and platelets to reduce the situation, but also a lot of patients can be detected in the blood of a variety of autoantibodies. In these cases, it is necessary to do some blood test in patients with vitiligo before treatment or treatment. Patients with vitiligo in the treatment of vitiligo test is to be from the blood of patients with abnormal, or showed the potential of visceral lesions, identify the cause, can improve the cure rate, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with vitiligo


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