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Differences Between Sporadic And Localized Vitiligo

Differences Between Sporadic And Localized VitiligoVitiligo is a common skin disease, its etiology is very complex, the treatment time is relatively long, and its very easy to relapse, it is been recognized most difficult chronic skin problem by the medical profession . Sporadic vitiligo and vitiligo is a common type of vitiligo. Dissemination of vitiligo like vitiligo so, the white spots are more concentrated in a part of patients and its distribution is very dispersed, usually one or two small pieces of white spot distribution in a site, so circulate vitiligo limitations are more likely to develop into generalized vitiligo.

Sporadic vitiligo symptoms include: white patches distributed in several parts of the patients, and was a certain symmetry; leukoplakia of the total area is small, generally not more than 50% of body surface area; leukoplakia mainly to small pieces, single in various parts of the very few clusters appear.

Vitiligo symptoms include: white patches distributed in some parts of the patients; the lesions of small size; white spots may be single may also cluster.

Through the contrast between the symptoms, we can see the difference between vitiligo and sporadic vitiligo:

1,vitiligo patients with localized type of vitiligo is more concentrated in one place, and sporadic vitiligo white patches scattered in a number of parts;

2, vitiligo patients with leukoplakia can also single cluster, and sporadic general single.

3, sporadic vitiligo patients with white patches can be presented with symmetry, and limitations will not;

The distinction between clear and limited type of vitiligo and sporadic vitiligo is very important for the care of patients with vitiligo. For example, send out the harm of vitiligo is possible mainly the development of generalized vitiligo, so confirmed that he is sporadic vitiligo, it is necessary to pay attention to inhibition may induce generalized vitiligo factors, such as the abuse of corticosteroids, exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.


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