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How To Divide The Limition Type Of Vitiligo

How To Divide The Limition Type Of VitiligoAs we all know that although vitiligo is just a superficial skin disease and its either painful or itchy, but it seriously impact on the skin and soul of the patient's health, and also serious damage to the person's appearance, and also influence the human spirit, affecting normal life, marriage, work and social, it is one of the world difficult treat skin disease.however, the cause of vitiligo is very complex, so patients need to treat it according to their own situatuion, and also according to the development of the disease, set up more appropriate treatment plans. Below vitiligo hospital doctors give us a detailed introduction.

In clinical ,the incidence of limitation type ofvitiligo from happening to compare regression, it can be roughly divided into three periods, namely into the extension, stable and rehabilitation period. Vitiligo is different in different period, we should pay attention to distinguish.

Advanced stage

Localized vitiligo is also known as the "active period", for the acute attack stage. At this time the new skin lesions continue to appear, the white spot continues to thickening, inflammation, itching significantly. Adjacent lesions often combine with each other, there are obvious inflammatory flush around. Vitiligo in this stage, if there is acupuncture, trauma or external use of drugs to stimulate the new skin lesions will be induced, medically known as the common type of vitiligo, the same type of reaction".

Stable period

How to divide the stability period stage of limitations type of vitiligo , it is also known as stationary phase". This period of illness to stop the development, no new lesions appear, but the beginning of the skin lesions will not subside, but the inflammation will be slightly reduced. The duration of vitiligo still more than most people, It differs from man to man., this stage is very short.

Rehabilitation period

The vitiligo experts said, during this period, the lesion area will be gradually reduced, the thickness will be thinner. This time the white spots reduced, rash color fading, some lesions have subsided tendency. Although spontaneous regression of every patients desire, but the majority of patients still have to achieve this goal after treatment. Therefore, patients should be timely medical treatment, and careful selection of drugs and treatment methods.


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