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How To Correctly Diagnose The Different Types Of Vitiligo

How To Correctly Diagnose The Different Types Of VitiligoThere is always a fact that vitiligo patients are quite confused when they have the vitiligo, they are not sure is it really vitiligo? Which type of vitiligo it is, so as to they dont know how to get a proper cure for it .so now, the vitiligo experts said, the complex etiology of vitiligo treatment is pretty difficult, but it is very easty to treat it at the early stage, and treatment effect is very good, so the early diagnosis of vitiligo is very important, and lets see the below expert describes in detail how to diagnose the various types of vitiligo .

1,The diagnosis method of punctate vitiligo

Punctate vitiligo multiple local, into a round or oval, clear edge when into a milky white diameter of not more than 2 cm, the affected area gradually expanded, it can dvelop into one or more sheets.

2, diagnostic methods of symmetrical vitiligo

The symmetry point of vitiligo occurred in the left side and right side of the body with a certain position, neurodermitis limb joints and skin in the attack site is very similar. There is a close relationship between the nerve dysfunction, multiple flakes or spots.

3, diagnostic methods of the joint type of vitiligo

Vitiligo treatment center experts said, this type of the vitiligo is prone to limb joints, knuckle joints of the fingers and feet for multiple sites, mostly symmetric, has close relationship with nerve dysfunction, endocrine disorders.

4, systemic vitiligo diagnosis method

It First mixed with generalized seizures, the affected area, with mutual touch, occupation within 1-3 months more than 80% of the body skin, and also accompanied by hair color turns white, immunity or mental factors have direct relation, the incidence of part of the edge is not clear into the cloud.

The above is the expert introduction of different types of vitiligo diagnosis methods, patients have hada better understanding, vitiligo treatment center experts remind the patients: once they found the vitiligo symptoms,they should timely get a treatment, they need to choose a professional vitiligo hospital, and firmly get the treatment and never bungle the disease, because the more you wait, the worse skin condition you gonna face, themselves and their families caused greater harm.


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