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The Characteristics Of The Hand Vitiligo

The Characteristics Of The Hand VitiligoAs we all known that vitiligo is a common skin disease, which likely to occur in the skin exposed parts, it can not only affect the external image of the people, but also affect the patient's normal life, it brings a lot of inconvenience to patients work . However, hand is more contact with the external parts of the body,it is also a good place for occuring the vitiligo, then, what is the characteristics of the hand vitiligo?

1, in the early stages of hand vitiligo, its all about the leukoplakia ,the size of the white patches is likely to nails or banknote large, nearly circular, duck eggs, round or irregular in shape, also it represents like punctate less stain on the early onset , the realm of more than superficial; some edge around to the pigment.

2, the white patches color of hand vitiligo presents at the beginning of the disease is lighter, pale white; with the progress of the disease, the white gradually deepened, it presents pure white. Due to the lack of the protective effect of the pigment, vitiligo prone to flushing, erythema and blisters after the sun exposure, and sometimes feel bursts of tingling in the affected part.

3, the white patches color of hand vitiligo , along with the continuous development of the disease, the color will get change from shallow white gradually to the pure white excessive and white spots expand performance, the leukoplakia performance like smoothness and normal skin, no any crumbs.

4, the hand vitiligo is not stable, it can be limited in a local body, it is rarely to see the white patches disappear by their own . Most cases tend to increase the number of cases of expansion, adjacent to the white spot can be integrated into one and even into irregular large tracts, the whole body, such as the map like.

Warmly tips: it is often dont get enough attention by patients because the hand vitiligo is not pain, not itching, not knots, thus the patient's condition continues to deteriorate, and it brings more trouble for the treatment. vitiligo experts suggest that in order to avoid skin infections, the number of minor injuries which appears on skin parts should be timely treated, so as not to produce other adverse stimuli and adverse effects on the skin.

the following are some valuable suggestions about daily care of hand vitiligo

1, avoid external stimuli

Hand vitiligo is easily to get stimulate from outside, such as the summer mosquito bites, winter cold weather the cracking, it is very easy to cause the arm skin infection, so the vitiligo experts suggest that hand injuries vitiligo patients , in their usual work, they should wear gloves and other some protective measures, so as not to cause hand infection leads to the hand vitiligo appear.

2, avoid excessive ultraviolet radiation

In spring and summer, due to relatively strong sunlight, so the hand vitiligo patients should pay special attention while going out, but patients should also pay attention to the hand sunscreen, they shouldtry not to let hand to direct sunlight in strong sunshine, when necessary can daub some sunscreen in the hand, to help reduce the UV stimulation and injury victims.

3, pay attention to choose the hand cream

Many hand vitiligo patients do some hand care in their daily lives , they often like use hand cream.vitiligo experts special remind everybody, when patients choose the hand cream ,they must pay attention to the composition of the hand cream in order to prevent some of the components will have a negative stimulus to the skin. So the patients should choose a mild non stimulating, fresh non greasy vegetable raw materials, so that the white spots of the skin can effectively absorb nutrients.

4,cultivate a habit of washing hands frequently

Hand is part of human contact with the outside world , various types of things are likely to come into contact with hand, so the hand get infected probability will be bigger, if the hand vitiligo patients can not cultivate a habit of washing hands frequently, it will be more lesional skin of hand adverse, so vitiligo patients must cultivate a good living habits, they should often pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental sanitation in order to avoid the disease appear or worsen.


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