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Symptoms Of Hand Vitiligo

 Symptoms Of Hand VitiligoIt is fact that In the early stages of vitiligo in hand ,the skin will appear white patches, look likes nearly circular, oval or irregular in shape, and also the onset punctate less stain, the realm is more than obvious; some edge around to the pigment.

Experts directive opinion:

Hand vitiligo population more likely to performance like, color light incidence is relatively low, a higher rate of prevalence of people with darker skin, the hand vitiligo is more likely to occur in the finger joints, back of the hand and other parts, good hair in the vulnerable sunshine drying and friction damage and other parts.

To understand the symptoms of vitiligo in the hands and get a timely treat will have a great help. So what are the symptoms of hand vitiligo?

Hand vitiligo symptoms 1 : in daily life, if patients are suffering from hand vitiligo , and if patients are suffering from the early stage of vitiligo , generally, the symptoms are like following:

The size of the white patches is likely to nails, coin, and it is nearly like circular, oval or irregular in shape, and also occurs the onset punctate less stain, the realm is more than obvious; some edge around to the pigment.

Hand vitiligo symptoms 2: many patients with friends due to the uneven distribution of the skin on the skin, it will gradually produce white patches, and then gradually diffuse patches and spread. Vitiligo is an acquired skin depigmentation disease, manifested as partial or generalized depigmentation. Incidence of about 0.5%~2%, all over the world are generated. The disease can affect all races, the average skin color of the people with a lower incidence of skin color than the higher incidence of people.

Hand vitiligo symptoms 3: according to the survey found that many patients with hand vitiligo,their white patches number on the hands is uncertain, it is mainly confined to a part of the body, it is rarely to see white patches disappear on their own. Most cases tend to increase gradually to expand, adjacent leukoplakia can be merging and even into irregular large, generalized body, such as a map like; sometimes normal skin residual in the white spot, be mistaken as pigmentation.

However, the hand vitiligo is a get skin depigmentation disease, performance for local or generalized depigmentation, occurred in the hand seriously affect the patient's image, and affect the patient's normal life and work, the long-term mental stress lead to vitiligo patients to produce a series of mental illness.

The hand vitiligo on the early stage, leukoplakia represents as nails, to coin, nearly circular, oval or irregular in shape, also the onset punctate less stain, the realm is more than obvious, some edge around to the pigment.

The number of white patches in the hand, it can be limited to a piece, a group of scattered in many places. Most cases tend to increase gradually, the adjacent white spots can be fused with each other, and even into irregular large tracts, and vitiligo is a very easy to spread of skin diseases, there may be generalized to the whole body.


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