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Relationship Between Melanin Depigmentation And Vitiligo

Relationship Between Melanin Depigmentation And VitiligoAs we all known that vitiligo is a common multiple pigmented skin diseases, and the disease is mainly characterized by local or generalized hair pigment depigmentation formation of leukoplakia , it is an acquired, skin depigmentation formation of white spot piece. thus there are many people who have doubts about it : melanin depigmentation is not equals to vitiligo, and what are other symptoms can similiars to vitiligo? If patients are unable to correctly identify, it will lead to misdiagnosis,and even worsen their disease condition. As well know that the biggest feature of vitiligo is easy to spread, in particular, it seriously affect the appearance and life of the patients, so how can we distinguish them?, how can we figure out the relationship between the melanin depigmentation and vitiligo?

The relationship between melanoma and vitiligo

1, Identification method, melanin depigmentation degree

Vitiligo white patches appear in different colors, the condition is different, generally,it hasfollowing several cases of leukoplakia:

Cloud white: skin white patches damage is relatively heavy type. The white spot color is floating in the sky like white clouds, indicating that the skin white spots of the melanoma cell function has been damaged seven to 80%.

Milky white: skin white spot damage is more severe. White spot color more like milk. Which means the melanoma cell function of this kind of skin white patches has been damaged lightly, and 70% or 80% of the skin functional still presenced.

Light White: this is the lightest skin white patches damage, white patches color is revelatively paler than normal skin. This shows that the skin white patches melanoma cell function has been damaged lightly, and there are 90% or 80% of the functional presenced.

Porcelain white: it is the most severe skin white spot damage. White spot colors like white tiles, where the skin melanoma cell function has been damage 80 to 90%, only 10% or 20% skin function preserved, even the melanoma cells have been destroyed.

The relationship between melanoma and vitiligo

2,Identification method, melanin depigmentation degree: depth degree of white patches color . According to the degree of melanin depigmentation, we can make an order from low to high: light white, cloud white, milky white, white porcelain. Pale white is the best time for the treatment of vitiligo. The deeper color means that the higher the degree of melanin depigmentation, white porcelain means that lesions at melanin may have to complete depigmentation, its dificult to treat

Symptoms of vitiligo

1 early vitiligo mostly represents like nails or coins, nearly round, oval or irregular shape, and sometimes there are spots, the state is more obvious, and some edge around the pigment with;

2. In the late stage, vitiligo get increased, the expansion and merging into the island shaped, apart from melanin depigmentation, the lesion there is atrophy or desquamation change, the hair on the affected skin area lose pigment as well as completely white;

The number of white patches are uncertain, it may limited to the part of the body or distribution in a nerve segment (or leather), its rarely to see that vitiligo disappear on their own , and it often increased gradually to expand, adjacent vitiligo merging, connect irregular large, generalized body.

Severity of melanin depigmentation extent can not represent the severe degree of vitiligo .meanwhile, vitiligo is also affected by the factors of the size of the white spot to the diagnosis of vitiligo severity. When vitiligo develops to the point where the melanin can not be activated, it is only through the black pigment to achieve the purpose of healing.


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