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The Characteristics Of Localized Type Of Vitiligo

The Characteristics Of Localized Type Of VitiligoIn several types of vitiligo, the localized type of vitiligo is common one , and the treatment is relatively easy, the vitiligo hospital experts has pointed out that localized type of vitiligo is characterized by white spots distributed in patients with locally, but what are the features of localized type of vitiligo?

localized type of vitiligo white spots confined to a part of the body, there is no any fixed area, the white patches can be found in any part of the body. If the white patches in the progress of the white spot is limited to one, but the area will continue to expand. If there is no any improvement in long term, the hair will become white, no symptoms, chronic disease, sustainable for a lifetime, can also be on their own.

Second, localized type of vitiligo can occur at any age, the vitiligo experts pointed out that about half of vicitm are young people, it is more likely to occur on the face and neck, hand back, torso and genitals, etc., skin lesions ranging in size, shape, milky white, clear boundary. Depigmentation degree is different from person to person, vary by location, because different decolorization extent and display of white, gray, near normal color three kinds of tone.

Third, due to a protective effect of skin lesions and lack of pigment, after exposure ,the skin can cause burning, redness and blisters. The number of white patches can be limited to the part of the body or the distribution in a nerve segment (dermatome). In most cases tend to increase gradually, expand, and even can be generalized to the whole body.

Fourth, caused by trauma, the localized type of the vitiligo patients can ocur at any age, but more than half are young people, vitiligo hospital experts pointed out that the localized type of skin lesions of patients with vitiligo in before the onset of the disease will have a certain degree of injury, and after the onset of vitiligo disease will appear the same type of reaction, induced by the surrounding skin appears white. The localized type of vitiligo can appear erythema or blisters in the sun.


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