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The Early Symptoms Of Male’s Vitiligo

The Early Symptoms Of Male’s VitiligoThe early symptoms of Male’s vitiligo is extremely stubborn disease, many people have to suffer from it, male is one of them, the disease not only seriously affect the appearance, but also affect on the body damage, increase the risk of skin cancer, so vitiligo patients must pay attention to, if there is a symptoms like this, it should be treated as soon as possible, so what are the clinical performance of this disease?

Initial symptoms of male’s vitiligo

1, white spots appear in the exposed parts

White patches are the typical early symptoms of vitiligo which occurrs in the early stage, such as head, neck, hands and other exposed parts of vitiligo most favored is vitiligo prone areas, early vitiligo hurt does not itch, usually the patient's skin will appear to the size of a small white dots. Early in patients with vitiligo in the summer sun, the white dots will spread into white spots, if the white patches area are too large, patients will have a burning phenomenon.

2, the white spot diffusion

Early symptoms of the proliferation of leukoplakia is more common, during the stage of the disease, the face of the patients will appear white, round or irregular small white spots, the skin surface is very smooth, apart from the depigmentation formation of white spots, and the other normal skin without much difference. Early vitiligo patients with varying parts of the white are particularly susceptible to sunlight exposure, especially avoid from the noon sun in the summer , the strong sunlight will make the white parts of red, variable area gradually spread to the surrounding, mutual fusion, when reaching a certain degree of time will stop the spread.

3, early treatment

For vitiligo, under normal circumstances, it can be found in the early stage , but many patients do not understand, often misunderstand with other clinical misdiagnosis , thus it has brought a lot of unnecessary troubles to the treatment , it also coupled with some special patients that early symptom is not obvious and not typical of patients with vitiligo, which make many dermatologists do not know what to do, and also extend the time to heal.


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