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The Symptoms Of Advanced Stage Vitiligo

The Symptoms Of Advanced Stage VitiligoAs we all known that the biggest feature of Vitiligo is the spread,it is mainly divided into two periods: the progress and the stable period, when the white spot spread to a certain stage, which means it reached the advanced stage, vthe common symptoms of the advanced stage vitiligo usually display as following three aspects.

First, the white patches spread all over the body, white patches connected into one piece: and vitiligo white patches gradually connected into a piece, it can spread all over the body. The symptoms are mainly apprear as the generalized vitiligo advanced stage symptoms, the white patches area covering above 50% of the total area of the body , it also distributed in several parts of the body, so the treatment is more difficult.

Second, the white of the patches is darken, it usually represents like cloud white or porcelain white: Patients with vitiligo,the white patches color will be getting fewer and fewerbe with the development of the disease and synthetic , the white spots will turns from pale white to milky white, darker cloud white or porcelain white. Therefore, leukoplakia yen gradually deepened, so the color of the white patches will become white or milky white, with lesions at the melanoma cells are damaged more and more serious, black color can also as a patient to determine a standard of their severity.

Third, white patches color has a clear boundaries with normal skin : the early onset of vitiligo patients, due to the lighter leukoplakia color, and some even can not distinguished by naked eye , so there is no clear boundaries with normal skin, when it comes to the advanced stage of vitiligo, the lesions at the edge of the pigment will significantly deepened, in sharp contrast with the surrounding normal skin, vitiligo is very obvious.

After figure out the advanced stage symptoms of vitiligo, so in daily life how to prevent the proliferation of vitiligo?

(1) life:

1 less smoking and drinking, eat less spicy food and food taboos.

2 eat foods which contains rich in vitamin C.

3 try to reduce inhalation of harmful gases, do some morning exercise or sports. Choose a place with fresh air

(2) work:

Pay attention to labor protection, try to reduce direct contact with the chemical raw materials, paint, heavy metal salts of harmful substances. Attention to the pollution caused by the decoration of houses. Try to avoid from the decoration materials which contains formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other toxic substances, and its floor tiles, marble also contains radioactive substances can cause human multi system organ damage. After the renovation of housing patients should be ventilated for three months after the relocation, after the arrival to maintain regular ventilation, conditions should be to do environmental monitoring.

(3) psychological:

The elimination of trouble and worry, try to maintain a optimism mood and attitude is the most important factor in the prevention and treatment of adult disease.

1 play a subjective and positive factors, and enhance the ability of psychological endurance.


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