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What Are The Symptoms Of The Acral Vitiligo

What Are The Symptoms Of The Acral VitiligoAs wel all see that the white spots of vitiligo represents as punctate or patchy, the number of white patches would be one or several pieces, because of the black pigment is not completely, depigmentation, pale white, the boundary with the normal skin is not very clear; with the gradually extending of the skin lesions , black pigment completely depigmentation represents like milky white or porcelain white, and normal skin boundaries is clear withlesion shape, or round, oval, graphics, it startsfrom single to multiple number of adventitious and sizes; parts of vitiligo is not fixed

1, vitiligo occurs in exposed parts of the body, it is seriously impact on people's external image, acral vitiligo is a kind of vitiligo with the white spot located in the hands, feet and other parts. Acral vitiligo depigmentation degree is different from person to person, and vary from location, because different decolorization extent and display of white, gray, there are three kinds of color which near normal color.

2, because of lacking of the protective effect to the pigment, it can cause burning after sun exposure , the redness and blisters came out, the number of white spots are uncertainty, it can limit to the part of the body or distribut in a nerve segment (or leather), and it rarely change or disappear, but in most cases tend to increase gradually, even expand, or even spread over the entire body.

3, acral type of vitiligo mostly distribut as symmetrical , there are also many cases of damage along the nerve segment arrangement, in addition to the damage to the skin, it also involves part of the mucous membrane, acral vitiligo lesions as local pigment depigmentation, leukoplakia represents as milky white, the hair variable as white or normal, but no other changes to the skin, and it also has no special symptoms.

4,Vitiligo treatment is a long-term process, patients and their families should have mental preparation, they should adhere to the long-term treatment of the system, in order to get effectively treatment.


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