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The Symptoms Of Generalized Vitiligo

The Symptoms Of Generalized VitiligoAs we all known that the real trigger of the Vitiligo is the acquired melanin depigmentation which caused by pigmented skin diseases, there is consciousness of local skin, mucosa and hair turned white, but soon it will gradually expanded with the clear realm , and smooth surface, but without scaling.

We call it as generalized vitiligo while the White spot area is above than 50% of the patients body surface area, it is often caused by the limitations or sporadic type of vitiligo. The symptoms of the generalized vitiligo mainly have the following four characteristics:

First, fast incidence .

Generalized vitiligo is developed by sporadic or localized vitiligo, under the stimulation of various factors of vitiligo , the patient's condition rapidly get worsened, the white patches can spread over to various parts of the body within a short time , the generalized vitiligo is mainly caused by improper use of drugs, improper cure ,especially for the hormone drugs.

Two, the white patches distribution.

The white patches incidence of the generalized vitiligo has a wide range. White patches often will not exist alone, it often exists into a group or different pieces and irregular shape, it has a wide distribution area . Skin lesions represents symmetry.

Three, large scale of white patches.

White patches area is more than 50% of the patients skin area above, the skin lesions of generalized vitiligo patients cover multiple parts of the patient, face, hands, breast and back.

Four, hair white.

generalized vitiligo patients often associated with hair color changes, generalized vitiligo melanoma cells damage more serious, and the disease occurs in the eyebrows, top parts, and often lead to white hair.


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